A Day at the Park((open to one))

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A Day at the Park((open to one)) Empty A Day at the Park((open to one))

Post  Alice Kirkland on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:16 pm

Alice sat down by the lake reading a long novel. It wasn't everyday that she had a nice moment alone. Usually, she spent her time playing violin or practicing her swordsmanship-whatever. Now that she no longer was cursed to have demons follow her everywhere or anywhere near a bunch of people who hated her guts, she could have some peace and quiet.
But there was suddenly a disturbance in her reading. Alice slammed the book shut after sensing this person's appearance. She sighed and stood up, flipping her long pigtails out of her face.
"You do know that I came here to be alone, right?" she mumbled.
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