Waking Up in the Mall (PG-13)

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Waking Up in the Mall (PG-13) Empty Waking Up in the Mall (PG-13)

Post  Alice Kirkland on Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:00 pm

When Alice woke up, she was on a bench and wearing the clothes she wore the other day. "What? Huh?" Her voice was croaky, she noticed. Of course it was. "Wait, WHAT?! Where the bloody hell am I? How'd I get here? Why am I-" Okay, she needed to calm down and check out her surroundings. People. There were lots of people. And shops. Huh. Maybe she could find a map and get the hell out of here. Alice looked at her watch. 12:30 PM. No wonder she was starving. "How'd I get here?" she asked herself stupidly, trying to reminisce the earlier events of the day. "Oh, yeah…"
 At about 8:00, some girls had tried waking her up to go to a place called the "mall" to "improve her wardrobe". Alice had refused. It was kind of a blur from then on. Maybe one of them decided to give her a piggyback ride and dropped her on this bench.
 "Dammit…well, maybe one of my servants are in town. They'd be willing to help…especially if I promised them a raise," Alice mumbled hopefully, reaching in her pocket for her cell phone. She froze. "My phone is gone…but I…you have got to be bloody kidding me…" She perked up. "I could pay somebody to show me the way! Now, where's that wallet…" She felt around in her pockets again, then buried her face in her hands. "Shit. Shit. Shit. Great!" she shouted, her voice cracking. "No phone and no money! This is hopeless! I'm going to get lost in a mall, whatever that is, and there will be no way out!" Alice sat up. "OI! Will anybody tell me where the bloody hell I am?! I know it's called a mall, but what the hell is it for?! Never mind that!" She unconsciously looked at her reflection in a shop window. She supposed that was what a mall was for; shopping. Well, that explains a lot. Back to her reflection; she looked terrible. Her hair was a mess, her face was smudged with makeup-that was funny, because she didn't wear makeup-and she looked like she had gotten over a hangover. Ugh.
 Alice made another horrifying discovery; nobody had bothered to put her contacts in-or, at least, her glasses on. No wonder everything was so blurry. Great. All in all, she had woken up to a nightmare.
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