YAYYYY!! ADVERTISING (why doesn't that look spelt right?)

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YAYYYY!! ADVERTISING (why doesn't that look spelt right?) Empty YAYYYY!! ADVERTISING (why doesn't that look spelt right?)

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:15 pm

Sooo...Hey Everyone!
After...a while of trying to muster up some muse to make an advert for the site..I finally managed to pull something together...though it's not the best thing by any means....If anyone can do better go ahead...I'm not very good at adverts....

Anyways...here's what i have:
Dear Reader,
We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Masquerade, school of performing arts.
Whilst you are at the school you will learn skills beyond what are taught at normal schools.
There is no set uniform, and all neccesary books and equipment will be provided upon entry to the school, you will be expected to keep these in good condition and if any get lost you will be expected to pay for them.
If you choose to come to the school you will be expected to follow all rules and if any are found to have been broken you will be punished most severely.

However, please do not let that stop you from entering the school. We have the best success rate of any performing arts schools.
Though your parents have also been informed about this invite to the school, we prefer it if the location is left stictly confidential. Someone will be at your house to pick you up within a week, if you choose not to come just tell them that, I promise you there will be no hard feelings.
Please fill out the attatched forms and bring them with you.

I hope to see you soon,
Lindsay Hathaway, Headmistress.


Like I said...if anyone can do better then go ahead! ^_^
But yeah...we need to get the site more members... Oh...and if anyone can think of an epic plot and PM it to me i'd be intrested..I can't really think of much that we could use...not that the site needs a plot..it would be more fun if it did though....
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YAYYYY!! ADVERTISING (why doesn't that look spelt right?) Empty Re: YAYYYY!! ADVERTISING (why doesn't that look spelt right?)

Post  Adele Roux on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:32 pm

You’re sleeping some dream. In front of you, you see a school with high, brick walls, and a fancy gate that you only see at the homes of the rich. There is writing at the top of the doors, but you cannot read it. You go through the gate.
Now, you’re outside that home of the rich. Above the doors, you see a sign reading:

School for the Performing Arts

Now you’re among the waking world. You see a letter, addressed to you, within an arm’s reach. You pick it up. The writing is in blue ink; it’s almost like calligraphy. The paper is heavier, almost like that of ancient books. Now you’ve opened the letter. This too is on the same type of paper. The letter reads:

Dear reader,

If you are reading this, we feel the need to congratulate you. You are part of the select few who are welcomed to Masquerade, School for the Performing Arts. While here at Masquerade, you will receive all traditional education factors, along with an education in the different performing arts.

Included with this letter is a list of possible items you may need beyond the basic health/education requirements. All other items, such as school books, toothpaste, etc. will be supplied by the school library/nurse. Uniform is unnecessary, as long as it is on the more professional side.

If you decide, a member of the staff will retrieve you from your home. If you choose not to attend, give the member of staff a letter that says you will not be attending. If you do decide to attend, then fill out the forms also included with this letter, and give them to the member of staff.

We hope you shall become a Masquerade Student. It is quiet the honor.


Lindsay Hathaway, Headmistress

Just came up with that. I thought it was pretty good, but -shrug-
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