Helena Jekyll {PHANTOM}

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Helena Jekyll {PHANTOM}

Post  Helena Jekyll on Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:07 am

The Basics:
Name: Helena Jekyll

Age: 17(At the time she died)


The Other Stuff:
Helena Jekyll’s life was nothing of particular interest. Born and raised in 1900’s Italy, died at age seventeen by a fifth story fall. While it went down as a suicide, she was actually murdered – stabbed and then pushed by her own mother because Jekyll was born out wedlock, and needed to disappear. Helena’s arm was severed in the fall, but it was sowed back on for the funeral.

Death was where all the fun began. While she must have came back at least a week before, Helena’s first full awareness of what had happened was at least a month after she ‘died’. Apparently, in her zombie-like state she had tried to go home. She ‘awoke’ to hear her mother screaming thing that would make a sailor blush. Hurt by a pain only a mother can inflict, Helena Italy. To this day, she’s never been back.

After that, Helena began to travel. She went everywhere – from Egypt to Romania. However, things were weird. She seemed to flicker. One minute she was there, she could hold things, feel things. Then, it was as if she disappeared off the face of the Earth. She was aware of everything, but nothing seemed to be aware of her. It was a burden at first; the power was uncontrollable and occurred at the worst possible times. However, Helena began to take control over it. She could completely disappear.

Over the course of years, Helena’s powers developed. She could disappear; teleport short distances and occasionally create illusions. Unfortunately, she didn’t have complete freedom with this. It took energy, and a lot of it. One particular time Helena successfully teleported roughly under a mile in distance, but passed out directly afterward. She was asleep for about a day and a half. After that, Helena didn’t push her limits quite so much.

Helena was in Greece when she received an invitation to Masquerade. She wavered at first, not sure if she wanted to waste her time there. Of course, it was a great opportunity considering Helena had a love of theatre. In the end, how could she resist?

Helena Jekyll is an interesting person to be around. Years spent with no one but herself as company has left her insane. She is very judgmental and believes that anyone can accomplish anything, if they actually try. Helena is generally insensitive in this way, but she truly means the best. She isn’t particularly shy, but has trouble making friends because she really doesn’t know how to talk to people. She has trust issues and is very independent. Helena tries much too hard to accomplish things. While most give 110%, she gives 200%. Essentially this is a good thing, but she becomes so wrapped up in what’s she’s doing that she forgets everything else.

Helena is a scrawny, pale girl and about 5’6 in height. She has ‘that’ kind of face, the kind everyone mistakes for someone they know. Helena has muddy-brown eyes and a few scars, one on her face about an inch above the right eyebrow. Really, there’s nothing special about her. That is to say, except her hair: picture a short, choppy, hardly combed mess of hair that’s some odd color. Usually the color changes once a month from bright green to dark red. Helena has adapted to the age fairly well, wearing converse, t-shirts, and jeans.

RP Sample:
It felt like a waste of time, standing there at the funeral of an old friend. His nickname was Cheater, and that ultimately described his death. The man had cheated the wrong family out of money. Helena wasn’t really fond of him anyway, he was rude. Nonetheless, he was a useful person to know. She came to the funeral because, in the end, she would never see him again so she might as well say goodbye.

Besides her, the family was there and a few friends. The man had married, but she was a notorious gold-digger who left after he couldn’t pay for her shopping obsession. Helena didn’t care for the woman much anyway.

Helena’s thoughts drifted as the priest talked. Was the term priest, or was it preacher? She hadn’t paid much thought to the religion. Of course, there was also the chance the family was Hindu or something of that nature. However, she doubted it; the funeral was too close to her own.

Helena Jekyll

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Re: Helena Jekyll {PHANTOM}

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:46 am

^_^ ACCEPTED!! Welcome to the site and happy RPing!!! ^_^
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