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Eva Cassidy

Post  Eva Cassidy on Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:42 pm

The Basics:
Name:Eva Cassidy



The Other Stuff:

Eva was born in 1999. She had two sisters and one brother. She had a great life her house which has three floors and five bedrooms. Eva started dancing classes when she was three years old, doing ballet but as she got older she did others like street dance, and occasionally Jazz. She started playing piano when she was seven and the flute when she was ten. She started taking drama classes when she was five and taken part in musicals such as footloose and fame. When she was taking part in Beauty and the Beast as Belle (in the summer when she was eleven) a scout from Masquerade was in the audience. After the show she found a letter in her Changing room, and since then her life was changed, though she doesn't know if it's for the better yet as she has only just decided to go.

Eva is very happy and cheerful but she will have her days when she is in a bad mood. She likes nature and animals and loves the outdoors. She is a very fussy eater, and will refuse to eat a whole meal if she doesn't like what's on the plate.

Eva has medium length brown silky hair. Her eyes are blue-green and her eyebrows are perfectly shaped and maintained. She has a button nose with a splash of freckles across it and her two cheeks. Her mouth is pink and smiley. She is five feet tall.
Eva is normally seen wearing a dress of some sort with flat shoes. She wears very little make-up, not only due to the fact that she is twelve, but because she doesn't feel the need to wear it.

RP Sample:
It was Eva's free period at Masquerade, and she had decided to spend it exploring in the woods. Of course, the part she was exploring was the part she wasn't supposed to be in. Apparently it was dangerous. Eva was thinking it was a trick so she went in the woods where you're not allowed to go.
When Eva was walking in the woods she heard a weird noise, it scared Eva. Eva bent down, thinking what was that?
“I am not falling for that trick.” She said, so she carried on walking through the woods. Suddenly a bat flew out of nowhere and she screamed, “HELP, HELP THERES A BAT!!!”
Eva Cassidy

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Re: Eva Cassidy

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:46 pm

Accepted...welcome to the site and Happy RPing!

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