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Danica Fox

Post  Danica Fox on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:43 pm

The Basics:
Name:Danica Fox



The Other Stuff:
History:Danica was born on October 31st 1996, Her siblings and family believe that she is cursed. Danica is known too have the Sixth Sense and talks too ghosts;She is very aware on how the ghosts. When she recieved a unknown letter her parents never wanted to give her the letter. Danica's parents were very scared of her and never talked about her Sixth Sense and thought she was crazy. In school she never had friends, thinking the ghosts were her friends Danica took the letter from her mother's jewelery box and found out she was going too a boarding school called Masqueraede.

Personality:Dani is very nice to people, She is a loner and isnt really friendly, Danica always talked to the ghosts about her problkems and whatnots. Danica never talked about her problems. Danica has another side which causes her too turn really evil on her birthday Halloween. Danica is feels uncomftorable around strangers.

Appearence:Danica has long dark blonde hair that she can sometimes cut short, and blue-green eyes that glows in the moon when it becomes dark. She has a really big smile and pink braces, Danica has an ugly cut on her arm that she got from a ghost labrador poodle who was very afraid of her. Danica also wears a blue pendant neckalace that she got from a woman ghost who admired her braveness.

RP Sample:Danica Fox ran for her life as she tried too get to the Masquerade School of Performing Arts. She kept cluthing the letter in her messenger bag that she got from the ghost that stole it for her, Dani's parents never gave her anything for Christmas which was her best holiday, Why did this school accept me? She asked herself as she looked back. She then saw that there were no werewolves in the clearing. She smiled then walked towards the gate.

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Re: Danica Fox

Post  Lucien Davis on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:54 pm

Hiya Misty! Cahracter accepted! Welcome to the site, and happy RPing 8D
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