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Justin Slayton

Post  Justin Slayton on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:16 pm

The Basics:
Name: Justin Slayton

Age: 15


The Other Stuff:
History: All Justin knows is that he woke up one day with no clue who he was and only the memory of singing to help him. Also, one word... Psychic. He's not sure what they're on about, to be honest. He can feel something inside him though, something powerful, trying to get out...

All that he learned from the Surgeon was that the person who dumped him there said that he should be put under a special drug he gave them, that he called the 'barrier'. Apparently, he was to powerful to be without it.

Personality: Since Justin woke up, he's been normally funny, kind, thankful, forgiving, peaceful and measurably unstable. After they gave him the drug, he began to be suddenly angry, then his usual self again. They only gave him the drug once, and it's effects are beginning to lessen. In the angry state, he's aggressive and murderous, unstoppable except for when injected with a sleeping drug and people swear he can know what they're thinking, what they'll do next and they swear he once collapsed and a strange glowing ball came from his chest. He was found to be a brilliant singer and actor, too. Altogether, he was great at the Arts.

Appearence: Justin has dark brown hair and brown eyes to suit it. He has Caucasian skin, short fingernails and a scar down his arm. He was always called attractive, or cute, or things of the sort, but he can't remember that. He usually wears a jacket, a shirt with some writing on, normally a joke (such as, 'Your girlfriend' like a Facebook status with 1, 367 likes) and black jeans. He likes Converse, too, and so he wears them a lot. He has a fungal infection on his feet, but people rarely see that.

RP Sample:

Justin woke up on a comfortable bed, as though waking up after a good sleep with a large gash down his arm and no memory of who he was. Salt bolt upright and smacked his head on a lamp. Groaning, he looked around and one single memory came into his head. He flashed back and was on stage. The lights were dimmed, but then one spotlight came up and shone on him. He began to sing to the crowd. Suddenly, something flew out of the crowd and sliced into his arm. He flashed back to reality and groaned again. He thought that the thing that's been thrown at him had been a knife! He looked at his chart, seeing as he was in a Hospital or so he'd gathered, and saw that the name was Justin Slayton. He saw that the person had also written 3 words; Bieber, Minnesota, Psychic. he realised that it was Justin Bieber (although he didn't know who that was), Slayton the city in Minnesota must've been his surname's base, but Psychic? What was all that about?

Justin Slayton

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Re: Justin Slayton

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:25 pm

Totally accepted ^_^ Welcome to the site! I'll sort your thing out now...^_^
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