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Anaeira "Ara" Noonan

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The Basics:
Name: Anaeira “Ara” Gwenhwyfar Noonan
Age: 16
Species: Human

The Other Stuff:
History: If Anaeira was asked what her nationality was, she would respond that she has no clue. Her father was a naval officer for the Royal Navy so the family moved around quite a bit. Along with that, her mother often toured the world, playing her cello at many different performances. Ara’s birth took place in Australia as that was where her father was stationed at the time and her mother was on maternity leave. However, once it was safe for the baby to be moved, the family moved to Denmark with her father on temporary leave so that he could spend time with his newborn daughter.

How her mother came up with an absurd name as Anaeira was always beyond Ara, but ever since she was capable of it, she asked that she be called Ara, believing that Anaeira was just too odd of a name to hold on to. It was also her mother’s request that her middle name be Gwenhwyfar, most importantly due to her Welsh heritage.

The little girl spent her first few years in her mother’s company as her father spent much time in his office, doing his work. Ara would follow her mother around and try to understand what it was her mother would do. With big eyes, she would watch her mother’s fingers expertly move along the cello’s neck, the bow flow over the strings. She would hear the notes in her mind, and she was so concentrated on the music that she believed she could see the change in the air as the music was produced from the lovely instrument. When her mother was at a concert, Ara would sit backstage quietly. Most of the stage managers believed it was because Ara was just a quiet girl by nature, but the truth was that she was so absorbed learning the music with her senses that nothing else mattered.

Her days of following her mother ended at the age of 7 when her mother handed over the pig-tailed girl to her father. That was the start of the days when the family would have to split apart. According to Ara’s mother, there was a major concert in Russia which was followed by a month tour in South Africa. Ara’s mother didn’t want to have to bring a little girl along constantly, so it was time for her father to pick up the responsibility and be the caretaker of their child. At first, her father tried hard, but soon they too had to move around. For six months, Ara was in South Korea, picking up the Korean language as best she could. Just when she started making friends though, father and daughter had to move to Japan which lasted for nine months.

For the next 7 years, the two of them moved around Europa and Asia with Ara trying to pick up as much of the culture as she could before they had to move back. Because of this, she was proficient when it came to learning languages. However, studying was still difficult for the girl until her father found a tutor who was specifically assigned to the family so that Ara could get the education that she needed while they constantly moved around. The only thing she was expected to learn on her own was foreign language, but with enough practice, it became second nature to her.

During those seven years, Ara saw her mother possibly once or twice a year, three times if she was lucky. On the chance that their paths would coincide, they would spend a few weeks reuniting but then they would have to go their separate ways again. Feeling like she was missing a mother, Ara no longer knew who to turn to when she started going through puberty. Everything she learned was based on the internet or the textbooks lying around.

She picked up on music at an early age, but she received formal training starting at the age of 9, an age most musicians would have considered to be too old to begin training. However, because of her experience with music early, the professors agreed to give her lessons on various instruments. During those next years, she learned how to play piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, and various other instruments. The only instrument she never touched was the cello, too afraid that she would become her mother if she did. She developed a sense of connectedness with string instruments though, playing the violin for ear-training, playing viola for more somber music, and playing the harp to take her mind off of her troubles.

When Ara turned 15, her beloved tutor retired to go spend the rest of his time with his growing family. Unsure of what to do, Ara’s father debated on sending her to boarding school. One month at a Swiss boarding school was enough to prove to him that that type of school was not where she belonged. He pondered on sending her to a military school, but decided against it when he received a heavily worded phone call from Ara’s mother. Not knowing what else to do, he was forced to hire another tutor, one who was young but knowledgeable. It turned out to be a mess when he later found the two of them not studying. Her father was up to his neck trying to figure out what to do when Ara finally agreed to go to boarding school…on the condition that he allowed her to go to a specific one: Masquerade.

Personality: One could easily say that she is a military brat but at the same time, she’s just a girl who doesn’t know what home is. She can be seen as insecure at times, mostly because no one is there to support her; other times, she can be a bit standoffish, because that’s how her father is and she can only adapt to him.

Ara is the type of girl who will hold back unless it’s necessary to speak up. Friends of the family would often say that she carries herself like her father does, head held up high and lips tightly closed. Although she fervently denies that she even remotely looks like her father, she does tend to have a sense of inner pride. Times when she becomes outspoken are when she shows passion in a certain topic or issue. For instance, she was able to win out an argument that the family should get a dog. Because her father had to agree that she needed some companionship, he got her a dog during their time in Scotland. However, she was forced to turn the dog over to a family friend as they could not bring him to the Philippines.

The musical side of her, or her mother’s side as her father fondly calls it, is creative, applying that same inner pride into the instrument. She turns into a new person as she closes her eyes and lets herself sway with the notes, using her fingers to create the power that she needs. It is for this reason that she prefers string instruments. Her body becomes loose and relaxed when music surrounds her, and she feels peaceful when she can feel the notes.

In terms of studying, her strength would be in language. As a child who had to learn various new languages, she saw them as a different type of music. The way the words were formed was similar to how notes were formed and it was in that way she learned. When it came to writing and speaking, she allowed herself to use whatever she knew and let it flow out. With reading, it was more of a struggle since her sense of picking up the letters was much more difficult than if she were to hear or say them. History was always a struggle for her because there was nothing in history that could flow. Everything was just boring fact after boring fact, and she would give up after staring at her paper for a good ten minutes.

It’s difficult to say if she cries much, because whenever she is in public, she refuses to show how she really feels. The only thing that really gets to her is a really good film or any news about her mother. When she was younger, she would often cry at night because she missed her mother so much. As she grew up though, she learned to become resilient about it and just take the situation as it was. She no longer adored her mother as she used to; in fact, she has a difficult time admitting that she loves her mother. As a medium, she resorted to saying that her mother was “alright”.

Appearance: A sheltered child who mostly stayed inside most of her life, Ara’s pale skin is extremely noticeable. The only time she does tan is if the family is in a warm country during the summertime. The Philippines was perhaps the country that she was the most tan in as they had stayed for several months in the summertime and Ara had nothing better to do than wander around. As a young teen, her forehead was often spotted with pimples, most of which she could not get rid of. Then she discovered some cover-up along with medicine to rid the red dots that would plague her forehead. For a while, it only became worse, but with enough persistence, her forehead started to clear.

Most people say that she has a nice, gentle face, one that always sports a smile. Sometimes the smile stretches too wide, which bothers her, but other people think that it’s cute. The color of her lips is a soft pink, taken care of her already sheltered self and from constant moisture. Her father had constantly told her that she needed to make sure that she had enough water in her system and the only way to prove it was by the color and texture of her lips. As a result, she made moisturizing her lips a habit, one that she was never able to break.

Her eyes are a piercing green but when they are dulled by the light, they look a little more dark blue. When she was little, her mother would always say how her eyes looked so much like her father’s but as Ara hardly knew what her father look like, she could only take her mother’s word for it. When she moved in with her father, it was the first thing she looked for and she saw that her mother was right in a certain way. The eye colour was definitely from her father, but Ara always thought that the shape of her eyes were more like her mother’s.

Her dark hair is strictly from her mother, though. Her father’s blond straight blond strands are constantly cropped short which makes it difficult for Ara to compare, but she has seen enough pictures of her mother to know that her hair is more like her mother’s than her father’s. Ara keeps it nice and long; a short hair cut done by her father when she was 10 was enough to keep her father from cutting her hair again and for her to keep her hair long. Around the age of 15, she decided to have bangs as well, but she didn’t want them short and across her forehead. Ever since then, she decided to trim her own hair, careful so that others could not mess her hair up.

Her body is toned due to the tough exercises her father had trained into her. While he was more lenient with her than his officers, he would make sure that she spent at least an hour day doing some type of exercise. When she was younger, Ara would hate these hours of training, but would later begin to appreciate it as the schedule fell into step and she became accustomed to it. It was the only compromise she could make with her father that allowed her father to integrate some military into her.

RP Sample: Still holding the letter in her hand, Ara looked out the window of the car she was sitting in. The rest of the forms had been handed in to the staff member who had picked her up from the airport, but the personal letter, the one that told her that she had been accepted to Masquerade, had never left her side since she first opened it. After moving around so much, Ara was excited about the prospect of going to a school that she could possibly settle down; it did have dormitories after all. Her military father was quite excited in his stoic way; he gave a grunt and signed every sheet of paper that he needed to sign. In a way, Ara saw it as a blessing that her father had conceded so easily; in another, it was probably just a way for him to get rid of her. She didn’t blame him; he was hardly good company either.

She had discussed the matter about her mother with the staff member and after a few minutes, the staff member decided that there would be no harm if they were missing a parent’s signature. After all, Ara’s mother was busy touring the world on her own schedule. The family had always been split apart but after so many years, Ara had begun to get used to it. It was just something that would be a part of her life. A father who didn’t know how to be caring would be her caretaker; a mother who was never there would be the ghost. So much for family, Ara grumbled inwardly. It wasn’t as if she was completely void of her mother, though. Ara had decided to pursue music at an early age, picking up whatever instruments were around the house. So yes, maybe Masquerade was the right place for her to be.

“Excuse me? How much longer is the ride going to take?” Ara was quite stiff in the backseat. The car was roomy, but Ara never enjoyed being in an isolated space where it was always quiet. The staff member hardly talked and when he did, it was just to grunt as he did when he responded to her question. Ara leaned back in her seat and decided to use her fingers to make music. She could imagine herself with a violin, her body swaying with the melody. Or the trumpet, with the manipulation of air to create a beautiful sound. Her imagination comforted her all that time.

It won’t be much longer and then maybe I’ll find a place where I can be happy. Her wistful eyes moved back to the window, to watch the scenery fly past her. This was her one chance to make her own decisions, to be in a settled place. It would be something new, but something new was much better than a fleeting experience every time. At least here she had the chance to be there for longer than 6 months. And that, to her, was something good.
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Accepted, Maire! Welcome to the site, and happy RPing! 8D
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