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Lydia Alyse Collins

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The Basics:
Name: Lydia Alyse 'Lyddie' Collins

Age: 14; April 21st, 1997

Species: Dhampir

The Other Stuff:
History: Lydia never knew her father, she had "dead-beat-dad" for a majority of her life. Her mother, Emily Collins, talk about him as though he were God at times, though other she would just praise him for something else. Lyddie could never figure out how her mother could talk so highly of this man, who fathered her only child, and doesn't even bother showing up. Emily, though, defended herself by claiming that Dmitri was a watching out for them.

Lydia and Emily never stayed in the same place for long, because Emily's job would take them all over the world. Emily was an author who liked to be in many places. Emily became one of the New York Times’ best-selling authors that would make the readers of the book, entitled Fire and Ice, turning the page, on novel one. Emily and Lydia were living the dream. They had the cash, fame and popularity. Everything changed when Emily's fame started getting to her head and began neglecting Lydia, at age seven. The poor girl was neglected for five years after. Emily missed so much of young Lydia's, her only child, life.

When Lydia was just about to turn thirteen, a terrible accident had occurred. A car accident. Emily and Lydia were on their way home from a book signing, and had gotten into a terrible argument. The last thing that Lyddie had said to her mother was "I hate you." Little did she know, Emily had forgotten something at the bookstore, and would never come back.

That same day, Lydia got a letter from a school that said they would be honored to have Lydia as a student. She went to check out the place, which happened to be the school down the road from her father's house, whom took Lydia under his wing after Emily, his 'true love' had passed. When Lydia asked if she was his true love then why did he leave her in the dust with a child on the way, Dmitri always answered the same thing, which was, "It was better for both of you if I would have made no contact at all." Lydia did not believe this for a second, and had decided to do some sleuthing. She had a couple of theories on the spot: he was on America's Most Wanted, he wasn't who he said he was, or he wasn't something that she did not have the evidence for yet. After a few days of observing, she had concluded that he was something, currently, unexplainable. He had a Russian accent, which of course was explain about, he was only outside at nights, and he used old English terms. Her theories lead to an obsession; and obsession of finding out what this man, her genetic contributor, her fatherwas. Months had passed, and she was researching daily to find out what he could possibly be. When she was back to where she started, but with more information, Lydia came to be conclusion of a vampire.

When Lyddie brought this up to Dmitri, he laughed, then looked at her with a serious expression that is forever engraved in her mind, when he accepted the theory. He then explained to her what him being a vampire made her, which was a Dhampir. Lydia showed Dmitri the letter she'd gotten from the school and he agreed to let her go to the school.

Personality: Lydia is an...interesting character. She is usually a bubbly, happy-go-lucky person. she is still in slight mourning from losing her mother, however. Lydia is often confused, though comprehends extremely confusing stuff very well. She excels in most subjects, all but one which is math. She hates to chose favorites, and often will just skip over that kind of pressure and/or question. Lyddie has a very playful personality with her close friends, and a completely serious one when it comes to schoolwork, strangers, or people she doesn't really talk to that much. The poor girl is deathly afraid of spiders, darkness, and most cars. Lyddie loves music, poetry, reading, writing, and drawing. In her spare time, would would probably he found hiding behind her Acer Tablet writing, or doodling. She also loves photography and taking pictures of anything from her friends to nature shots on the campus. Lydia is a good friend who enjoys a good laugh here and there. She is very stubborn when things don't go her way. She may not like everyone, but she will tolerate most. Lydia is a a very polite, and has good manners. She is completely against the theory of chivalry being dead. She will have a lot of fun debating whatever is thrown at her. In a few words Lyddie is shy, sweet, caring, fun, flirtation, and sometimes just a little bit....out there in her own little world.

Appearence: Lydia has her father's drop dead gorgeous vampire looks, his dark blue eyes that look like sapphires, and his pale skin. However, she has her mother's face, and figure. Lydia has a dainty look to her. She has very feminine hands, long nails, and a short height which is at only at a mere 5'2''. She has long dark hair, the color of dark chocolate, that almost looks black. She has a birthmark on the insider of her wrist that kind of looks like a bite mark of some sort.

Lydia's wardrobe has similarities and differences to any other teenage girl's wardrobe. She has the same styles of most teenagers, but finds the generic brand's prices to be a little outrageous. She often will wear skinny jeans, of all colors, and a tee-shirt or tank top to match. Usually every Tuesday or Wednesday, out of chance, she will wear a plaid shirt in honor of plaid day, in one of her family traditions. For footwear she usually has black, lime green, or hot pink Converse or All-Stars, and usually as of April, she often will wear flip-flops on a daily basis. Being a little girly-girl, Lydia loves high heels. She also thinks that true beauty is what people should see, so she rarely ever wears makeup. However, jewelry is a whole other story. She always has the locket that she was given by her mother and father the day she was born, and almost always has a ring, bracelet, and other necklaces on

RP Sample:((BTW, its set in the not to distant past)) I was in my mother's silver Ford Focus. We were speeding down the highway, and my mom was sobbing. "Mom," I said, but she didn't hear me. All of a sudden a truck came into view, and didn't seem to notice the car, nor did my mom notice the truck. The seconds had turned into what felt like hours as we were cruising down the highway, my mom didn't notice the truck until it was too late. We were mere feet away from the truck's impact. My mom just sat there, like a deer in headlights, is said to be. The truck had crashed, head-on, into the little car.

Lydia jolted awake with a jump that shot her straight up into the air, and was gasping for breath. She must have been screaming in her sleep, because she saw Dmitri at the side of her bed soothing her, in a fatherly manner. She heard him saying, "Lydia are you alright?" Lyddie shook her head, and tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Between sobs, she said, with her gaze locked on his, "I just dreamt of mom dieing. I saw the crash. She was..." Lydia took a deep breath, "she was crying." She knew why Emily was crying. Her mother was crying bout the last thing she heard come from her daughter's mouth. Emily had been oblivious to the truck headed straight towards her, and her to it. Dmitri might have said something, but Lyddie was too surrounded by her own thoughts that she didn't hear, or listen, to him.

When he had left her room, Lydia laid back down in her warm bed. She didn't fall asleep though, her mind was far too awake, and in shock, to rest. Thoughts like, she died because of me and I killed her invaded the thirteen-year-old's mind. Hours had passed until she decided to officially get out of her bed and begin her day.

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