Adjusting In Her Own Way

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Adjusting In Her Own Way Empty Adjusting In Her Own Way

Post  Joanna Nash on Mon May 09, 2011 5:13 pm

Joanna had sat in her room thinking about her prospects here. A sophomore, in a Performing Arts school, for the paranormal. Well THAT was a mouthful. She needed to find a way to vent, relax, and find a way to feel at hope.

Tugging open her bright purple suitcase, she pulled out her point ballet shoes, but set them aside. She didn't want to ruin those yet, because she had no idea when she would need a new pair.

Searching lower in her bag, her hand felt the smooth leather that was tainted pink. Her old ballet shoes. Grinning with success, she thanked the Lord she had decided to wear leggings today of all days. She would've lost her nerve if she had to change.

Taking the ballet shoes in hand, which were worn through at the toe, she exited her room and closed the plain door behind her. Click.

The hall was long and continuous, but eventually she made her way down. Grinning with success, she found the dance studio. Opening the wooden door, she stepped inside. A smile pressed to her lips.

Mirrors on every wall, ballet bars pushed to the side. A hardwood floor.. Perfect.
Closing the door behind her, she kicked off her boots and slid on her ballet shoes, balancing on one foot. Once she had the shoes on, she closed her eyes and began.

A sequence of triple pirouettes, leading into high leaps and graceful motions. Arms automatically moving from high fifth, to second.. Third arabesque..

It almost made her forget where she was.
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