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Lizzy Slade

Post  Lizzy Slade on Sun May 22, 2011 3:11 am

The Basics:
Name: Lizzy Slade

Age: 15. 07/25/95

Dark Angel

The Other Stuff:
History: The night of July 25th, 1995; during a thunderstorm; Lizzy was born to an angel mom and a demon dad in Los Angeles, California; the city of angels. When Lizzy was 7 months old, her dad had an affair with a sorceress of dark magic. When Lizzy was almost two, her dad left she and her mom. Her mom was a very famous supermodel who had modeled in the worlds most important events in fashion. Growing up was a fight for survival for Lizzy. Her mom was usually busy with photoshoots, fittings, or working with a designer on a campaign. She had several nannies as a child since her mom was so busy. Some of them made her their slave while others didn't pay any attention to her at all. She got to travel with her mom to all these really cool places when her mom had to model in a fashion show. She went to Paris, New York, and London at least once a year. She was always in trouble at school and didn't care about her grades. The only class she did well in was drama; the one class she behaved in and participated in. Her mom finally decided that Lizzy needed to be at a school of performing arts, since that was the only thing in school she actually was serious about.

Personality: Lizzy has the personality of a demon. She is extremely rebellious and independent. She is a hot head and is easily angered. She has major anger management issues that can't be controlled. She is a wild child and is always getting into trouble. She is very violent and aggressive. She misbehaves and acts up in class for attention since she doesn't get a lot from her mom. She will question authority and doesn't listen to anyone, unless she wants to; which is extremely rare. She is very argumentative and loves to pick fights with everyone.

Appearence: Lizzy is tall and has an athletic build. She has garnite colored eyes that are very intimidating. She has long black hair with red streaks. She has black angel wings that can sometimes get bits of red in them depending on her mood. Lizzy's style is the punk look. She wears dark wash skinny jeans that have a bunch of rips in them. She wears studded belts and leather jackets. She likes to wear boits, converse, vans, and sometimes heels. She also will wear a tank, corset top, or a band tee under the leather jacket. She wears a lot of black eyeliner. She has a cartiladge piercing in her right ear. She likes fishnets and fingerless gloves.

RP Sample: The warm sun beat down on Lizzys black angel wings as she bolted through the blue sky. She saw an airplane pass by and she flew even faster to catch up to it. When she was right behind it, she rocketed up above it and landed on the top of it. She flew to the nearest window and looked inside. A lady saw her and screamed. Lizzy ducked down under the plane before anyone could see her. When no one was looking, Lizzy popped back up and the lady went biserk and Lizzy got out of sight. She loved making people go crazy and become paranoid. It was just so entertaining to watch. Lizzy saw another plane and flew off to go scare somebody and make them look like a crazy person.

Lizzy Slade

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Re: Lizzy Slade

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Sun May 22, 2011 12:42 pm

Accepted!! Welcome to the site and Happy RPing...

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