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Eve Monroe

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The Basics:
Name: Evelyn "Eve" Monroe

Age: 15


The Other Stuff:
History: Eve's past was a complicated one. Since before she was born her parents had been in debt. Much money being owned to the goverment. So when her father was offered help by a close, rich friend of his, he happily accepted. But what he hadn't known at the time was that his friend was the head of a murderous vampire coven.
The familys debts were payed off, but soon they owned the vampires a great sum of money. The coven gave them three years. And when three years had passed and they still couldn't repay the vampires, they were murdered in cold blood. All except three year old Eve. The wife of Mr. Monroe- the covens leader, had always been fond of their friends child. So when it came down to killing the child, the wife spared her.
Eve grew up with the coven, the only human amongst them except for a few fangbangers and slaves that they had. They did not turn her because she was too young. She was treated as a daughter, even took on their last name. But even as a daughter, that didn't mean she was free of their punishsment. And the punishments dealt out by coven to its members and workers were no less than torture.But Eve still loved her family, she had no one else to love but them.
When Eve heard of Masquerade, which was not too long ago, she wanted to join. Her family being reluctant but they sent her to the school none the less. Eve is new to the school, just stating there this year.

Personality: Eve may appear to be a kind, sweet girl. But she is, in simple words, a bitch. And that's just a understatement. She's crude. Manipulative. Seductive. A on the spot thinker so she always has a comeback. Though this is only her exterior. Eve is very naive. Getting herself into trouble without a second thought. When it comes down to danger, she would flee rather than fight. Her life is valuable to her. She rarely shows a kinder side.

Appearence: Eve has long, medium brown hair. It's normally straight but occasionally has some waves going through it. She has dark green eyes with a hint of amber around the iris. Her skin is a lightly tanned color and there are multiple scars crisscrossed down her back and arms. On her lower back she has a wiccan tattoo, covering up a good stretch of the scars down there. Her height is 5'0, her figure being petite and slim.
She usually wears skirts. Dark outfits. Not gothic but just attractive dark clothing.

Tattoo being this:

RP Sample: Eve sat silently on the scarlet sofa. Her head bowed as she awaited her parents. The thought 'parents' went loosly through her mind. Vampires and parents were never something you wanted to put in the same sentance. If your parents were hers anyways. Eve loved her parents, but whenever she got into trouble... The bloodsucking, merciless side of them showed clearly as the sun they never stepped into. She was glad that they weren't like this all of the time, unlike the other members of their coven. The other members were malovent. Chaotic as well. The only reason that the entire city they lived in wasn't in ruins was because of her father. He was the only thing keeping them under control. There were a few dozen members. She couldn't say that none of them ever attempted to take a bite out of her as well. Life at the coven was hard.
But right now she was in their mansions study. On the couch and waiting for the 'rents to step through the large oak double door. The wait was nervewracking. She was afraid of what they'd do this time. Last time they had... you'd be surprised what someone could do with a simple wire and an hoop earing. It wasn't even her that they tortured last. Poor maid. The only thing she hated was that they never cut her any slack. When it came to punishment she was treated like all the others here. Maybe it was because she wasn't their actual daughter? But then why was she spoiled and pampered like a princess every other second of her life? Eve let out a sigh. Her parents were confusing. Very.
Her head snapped to the door as it creaked open.

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Re: Eve Monroe

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Accepted, welcome to the site and happy RPing! ^_^
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