Adele Ambre Roux ((PG-13))

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Adele Ambre Roux ((PG-13))

Post  Adele Roux on Sun May 29, 2011 2:08 am

The Basics:

Name: Adele Ambre Roux

Age: 16

Species: Half Nephilim, Half Reaper

The Other Stuff:

Nearly a millennia ago, there lived two different creatures, different than that who walk this earth. The Nephilim and the Reapers; neither of which were all too fond of the other, but they still lived together in peace. Until the Nephilim royalty were murdered in their beds. The Reaper guards were blamed, and later, put to death. Others of the guards’ kind saw this as an insult; they insisted that another Nephilim had done the deed. The war had begun. Blood was shed, bones were broken, and lives were taken; still the war raged on. Eventually, the Nephilim won; as punishment for the damage, the Reapers were enslaved. Finally, after over 500 years of the torment handed to their kind, a warrior stood up against her masters. And the rebellion began. Six beings, three from each side, became fed up with the fighting. Once both were in weakened states, the six being took control and became known to all as the Elders. Peace has reigned ever since; but the Nephilim and Reapers were never completely content…

Enter the young Ambre and master Roux. One Reaper, the other Nephilim. In a drunken stupor, Roux raped Ambre. Now with child, the Reaper continued her work of gathering souls and sending them on until the very end. Before she died, she gave birth to a strange, beautiful, little girl with one blue and one brown eye. Ambre’s family sent her away, into the mundane world, in hopes that she wouldn’t be found by her father. She grows up with her mother’s best friends, blissfully ignorant of the power that she will soon hold. Once in her teens, she started to notice the translucent outlines of people. Her mother took this opportunity to begin teaching her the lore of the 7 elements. Her father began teaching her the way of the scythe. Ade was growing into a Reaper.

On her 16th birthday, she received a letter in the mail with no return address. It spoke of a school where both the mundane and the supernatural worlds walked side by side, hand in hand. She wanted to go, to meet others of the supernatural world; her parents disagreed. In a fit of anger, her father took Ade into Hellinka, the world of Reapers and Nephilim, to speak with her grandfather on the matter. He agreed with Ade.

She left that small town in Washington State, to travel to Masquerade, a school for the gifted. Just what she will encounter, though, is up in thin air.

To those who don’t know her, Ade is a very slutty person. She is selfish and very flirtatious, even though she doesn’t mean to be. An outsider would also see her anger problem. She will often be seen rolling her eyes, muttering under her breath, and, in some cases of extreme anger, punching things, such as walls, trees, etc. If seen in one of her moods, it is best to stay away; Ade has been known to take her anger out on people as well. This occurrence gives off a scary feeling towards those around her. If one would get to know her, they would find that she is actually a pretty good person. Ade is protective of those she cares about and kind. Overall, she is blunt. She doesn’t believe in sugar-coating things. This makes her seem harsh at times. To those around her, she doesn’t seem to feel fear. But she does, just very small amounts of it, and even then, rarely. Like most Reapers, she enjoys singing. Her voice possesses a ghost like quality. This is good, since souls are drawn to that trait. Ade also has a passion for reading; she can often be found with her nose in a book.

Ade’s height, nearly 5’6”, is normal for her age. Her build is very curvy, with a slim waist, wide hips, and a larger bust for her stature. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown, usually rimmed with eyeliner and mascara. Curly hair, which hangs just past her shoulders, with varying shades of brown surround her head. In human form, she is very pale, with skin that almost looks like porcelain in the right light. Because of this, she tries to avoid darker colors. For apparel, she wears a low cut tank top, a worn jean mini skirt, and strappy 4” heals. To accessorize, she wears a charm bracelet, one of the charms being a scythe. This charm will expand into the scythe given to her by her grandfather. She also wears a golden locket; this used to be her mother’s and is very dear to her. On occasion, she will also wear leggings that hem about mid calf. Ade is usually seen with a small messenger bag which contains a laptop, some books, and pencils.

When in Hellinka, her true form comes to light. Her skin is tinted blue, black intricate tattoos covering her from head to toe. Her hair is black, while still retaining its curl. She is barefoot, only wearing a short, tight leather dress and many belts encircle her waist. On those belts, she keeps a small dagger, a vial of phoenix blood, a small bible, a number of crosses, and different vials, both empty and occupied. Over everything, she wears a long robe that is made of material harvested from Olympia. This robe helps her blend into her surroundings. In the back are large slits which allow her wings of bone to come out.

RP Sample:
“Do I disgust you that much, Evan?”she said, her elbows giving. She stared at Evan – she knew the hurt was shining through her eyes. She didn’t care. So what if one person knew she wasn’t this cold, heartless person? She had already shown him that. She stood, slowly, but even so, she swayed a bit; whether from the figurative knife sticking out of her chest, or from the exhaustion, she didn’t know. Taking off his jacket, she flung it at him and turned away from the bastard. “Why?” she said, her teeth clenched. Against her will, tears started to fall. “Why, damn it?” She wiped angrily at the tears, cursing them for falling. “What have I done to you that would make you hate me this much?”

Anger surged through her veins; gods, she wanted to hurt him. Make him feel the pain that she felt right then. Hugging herself, she turned to look at him. It crushed her even more. Just the anger displayed there plunged the knife in deeper, twisting it sharply. Against her will, the tears kept falling, there was no way she’d be able to stop them now. No sob came from her lips; she was much too proud for that. She still wanted her dignity after this mess. She wiped away what she could of the mascara that streaked her face. “I’m just a girl who foolishly thought you cared about her.” Her voice was soft, yet somehow strong. “But I did not violate you. That blame would fall to you, seeing as you were practically on top of me, and you face about an inch from mine.”

The dam that held all of her anger held, surprisingly. In fact, she was strangely calm, so unlike her mother who would have been sobbing hysterically by this point. Maybe that would start once she was away from him, in her own cabin. Perhaps she was just too exhausted to cry too much. She looked at her hands, folded neatly in her lap. She watched the gray tears collect there. And she sat there, not caring, silently apologizing to her mother’s spirit for breaking her promise. Oh, how she wished she could just erase this day. Or better yet, go back to that night, and take her mother’s place. The Fields of Punishment must be better than this hell. “So,” she said. “How much are you getting for breaking my heart? Hm, Evan?” she laughed at the irony of her question. For this pain, she should at least know how much she’s getting him. Looking back at him, at the smug look, that dam broke, sending a massive wave of anger spilling out.

“Well,” she spoke, her teeth clenched tight. “You’ve done a pretty good job of hurting me, if I do say so myself. Though, I gotta say, no one, not even my own aunt kicking me out after my mom died, has ever hurt me this much.” She laughed, running her hands through her hair. “So just… go away. Just leave me alone so I can cry my heart out like I’ve done a thousand times before!” A new wave of tears spilled over, making her collapse. “Just go away… Please…”
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Re: Adele Ambre Roux ((PG-13))

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About bloody time, Kaitlyn! XD Anywho, you can RP now. WHOO!
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