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Silence in the Library (Open) Empty Silence in the Library (Open)

Post  Guest on Sun May 29, 2011 10:03 am

Adjusting his glasses on his nose, Percival sat at his desk in the library reading a book. There was no one else in the library at the moment, so what else would the man be doing? Clueless to the world, Percival was deep in the works of Lovecraft, one of his favorite authors, skipping from short story to short story. It seemed funny to read the works of the best horror writer of all time in this school, where some of the students seemed to come straight from the pages. Percival couldn't be sure, but some of the students were...different. He couldn't remember if the headmistress had addressed that at any point, but Percival knew there was something odd about Masquerade. Honestly, though, he didn't care. He was in a place he liked, and all the students were great, so the man really didn't have any complaints.

Tightening the knot of his tie, Percival kicked his feet up on the desk and turned the page. He was halfway through his favorite Lovecraft story, "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family", a relatively short one, but a story that sent shivers up Percival's spine every time he read it. Most people, the man figured, would not be reading these horror tales in such a strange place as Masquerade, but Percival felt just fine doing so. After all, they were just stories, and the man didn't think he'd have a white ape Goddess or Cthulhu as students anytime soon. That would just be terrifying. Even though some of his students seemed a little...not human (not in an insulting way, they just weren't human), Percival didn't see great danger with them. Especially now with the headmistress's announcement. The man hoped it would clear up all petty battles and band the students together.

Sometimes Percival wished he was more than just human. There wasn't much he could do other than write a really good research paper. And that just wouldn't help in a battle. But the man knew he would do what he could. He had some good books on the topics that the students could read from, a private collection of his. Percival had always been interested in the supernatural, and he had been all over the world collecting books, oftentimes expensive rare books, but they were all worth it. If nothing else, they prepared him for his job here at Masquerade. And he had shown some of the students passages he thought might apply to them, and everyone seemed grateful, though most were very secretive. One or two, though, had told Percival the truth. That was how he definitely knew that Masquerade was different. It wasn't just a performing arts school, there was a lot more at play here.

Turning the page and finishing the story, Percival slipped a bookmark into the book and shut it, putting it down on his desk. Removing his feet from the desk, the man frowned slightly, looking around. No one had come into the library while he had been reading...he would have heard them with the creaky doors anyway. The library was huge, which Percival loved, but sometimes the emptiness spooked him a little, as much as he would deny it. It was probably just the fact that he had just been reading horror tales. Like something was going to creep out from behind one of the shelves. The door creaked open and Percival jumped in his seat, before taking a deep breath and trying to see who had broken the silence in the library.


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Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:04 pm

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