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The Basics:

First or second character?: First

Name: Elizabeth Ward

Age: 17


The Other Stuff:


As the world opened its doors to the year 1937, a handsome young farmer by the name of Everett McGrath met a fair, flaxen-haired maiden in the forest near his family’s minute cottage. He had been sent by his father to gather timber, but after half an hour of gathering wood he had gotten lost. The trees were tall and thick, and try as he might to see the sun to have a glimpse of it was impossible amongst the forest’s thick, dark leaves. He searched for the right path for almost two hours, and just before he could give up the flaxen-haired maiden appeared from out of nowhere. She took his hand and kissed him on the lips, and led Everett out of the forest. However, in return for her help, Everett must come back to her once every fortnight and keep a vow of fidelity. The handsome man could not refuse, as he was enchanted by her beauty and heavenly mysteriousness. And so every once in a fortnight, Everett would come to her and they would surreptitiously make love in the forest.

Spring soon came, and so did tidings which had frightened Everett away from the fair lady. When Everett came to the fair lady at the end of March, the fair lady had a new and blinding glow to her. Her eyes were twinkling, and she seemed to be floating from the ground. “There is life inside of me,” she had announced, much to Everett’s chagrin. It could not be, Everett tried to convince himself, but even he could feel it. He would be a father soon, but his child would be born out of wedlock. Despite his family’s insignificant social status, it mortified him deeply. To save his family from the town’s appraisal, Everett never visited the fair lady again. He proposed to the town baker’s young daughter, and they wed in the summer. Unknown to the young man, the fair lady had been watching with her eyes blazing with rage. With a broken and wronged heart, the fair lady planned her revenge.

The fair lady, who was in truth a Queen amongst faeries, nursed her daughter as she watched Everett McGrath start his own family. Everett’s wife lost her first two children due to the Faerie Queen’s furious cunning, and when the wife spawned life inside her for the third time the Faerie Queen snatched the sapling out of the womb. She replaced it with her daughter who, due to her Faerie blood, aged ever so slowly even as years had gone by. Neither Everett nor the wife knew of this plot, but instinctively the mother felt naught but hatred for the child. Everett raised their first daughter lovingly, but the wife treated the Faerie Queen’s daughter wickedly.

This mistreatment of her daughter enraged the Faerie Queen. Once Lilith, her daughter, reached womanhood, she gave her a gift human beings would deem a curse. Lilith was to have a daughter as her firstborn child, and this firstborn, if harmed by a mortal, shall cause all the mortal beings to perish painfully. “A drop of her blood to the Earth shall be the Faeries’ mirth, for gone will mortals be to a land of undying agony.” Lilith, however, did not know of this curse and of her true heritage, and so she went on to wed a fine young man who loved her faithfully.

Lilith’s marriage to Brendan Ward brought her Elizabeth Ward, her first daughter. They raised Elizabeth as mortals raised their children, but Elizabeth intuitively knew of her heritage. She received dreams from the Faeries at the tender age of three, and those dreams she would never forget. She would see herself invincible with powers mortals would never have the ability to imagine. Quite a few times she would hear strange calls on every occasion she was alone, and bad things would happen to those who dared hurt her—whether verbally or physically.

As she grew up, she gradually learned of the curse the Faerie Queen had bestowed upon her. Learning about this curse frightened her, but an adviser of the Faerie Queen furtively visited her on a dream with counsel regarding how she could free herself from the curse. She would need to learn what Faeries called the Dance of the Rose. If she is to succeed in performing the dance beautifully whilst she sprinkles a cup of cinnamon water onto herself, she would be invincible, which would result to her freedom from the spell. This knowledge Elizabeth took in with agony. How could a clumsy girl like her learn how to dance the thorny Dance of the Rose? Such was her problem, and such was the reason for her entrance to Masquerade, School of the Performing Arts.


The cursed part-Faerie is absolutely law-abiding and kind. Though she is far from perfect, Elizabeth does her best to treat others with due respect and sincerity. Elizabeth is also extremely supportive of those who are close to her, and though she may not be affectionate she will do her best to show the people around her that she cares. Elizabeth also prefers to be at peace with all living creatures she encounters, and sometimes she will not even fight back when one tries to hurt her. She is at her happiest when she is alone in a forest with nothing but trees and the gentle breeze around her. Her being a loner, though, is partly due to her fear of causing doom for mortals.

While Elizabeth often appears to be kind, peaceful and quite innocent, inside she is at despair due to her being cursed. Her usual sweet smile is also a mask, for deep down she trusts no one. She is also not as optimistic as she seems—often times dark thoughts envelope her mind like fog swirling over towering mountains. And because all of these are just kept buried in her heart, her desolation only grows worse as time passes by. Elizabeth knows that someday she may succumb to insanity, and with how things are going her fear is not at all far-fetched.


Like a typical part-Faerie, Elizabeth is petite. Her hair is dark and her eyes are brown, and her skin is fair in colour. She seems to have inherited her hair and eye colour from her grandfather, but her skin colour was most likely from the Faerie Queen. Spending her childhood as a slight tomboy had given her a few scars on her legs, but Elizabeth didn’t mind that. Despite the pretty features she had inherited from the Faerie Queen, Elizabeth was still prone to skin breakouts like a typical mortal, and so she hides this by using makeup. Despite caring too much about her skin, she is more likely to wear comfortable clothes than fancy dresses. She hates high heels, and so she is rarely seen wearing those. Her mortal genes had given her the disadvantage of inheriting myopic genes, and so she needs to wear either eyeglasses or corrective lenses. Elizabeth’s long hair is also typically tied in a ponytail.

RP Sample:

Her leg muscles were in pain, and sweat dripped profusely down her forehead, but Elizabeth knew that she could never give up. She swayed without music across the ground of the forest’s clearing, and as she leaped from one place to another the trees seemed to be in a trance. She could feel herself start to hum, and her body moved gracefully with the wind. Your thorns I shall wear, of your beauty I shall sing, for this burden I can’t bear without your lovely blessing… In her mind, the words of the song played like a never-ending tune. It was tiring, yes, but she couldn’t stop now. She was almost there. Just a few more rehearsals and she’d be able to perfect the Dance of the Rose. With her eyes closed, her arms reached towards the sun as her right leg lifted into an Arabesque. How she could manage to do that now without breaking her hamstrings, she didn’t even know. But her perseverance has done her good, and that was what mattered.

For the final steps of the dance, she had to leap around and spin as she sprinkled cinnamon water onto herself. It would have been easy if Elizabeth had training in dance schools, but alas, the only training she had received was self-training. And unlike most dancers, she had to practise in her small room with limited space and no mirrors. How could she keep her balance without having the water spill out before the dance could even end? Every time she tried to do the dance’s final steps, she would not be able to sprinkle the water gracefully on herself. She would only drench herself and look like a drowned rat as she attempted to wave her arms around like how a Faerie Princess should. Bloody dance, she would think every time she had to change her clothes. The curse could’ve been removed by reciting a poem or something like that, but no… it had to be removed by a dance. With a frustrated sigh, Elizabeth went on with her rehearsal. She would only do herself more harm if she didn’t perfect the dance in a couple of days, and she didn’t want that.

Halfway through the last parts of the dance, Elizabeth got distracted by a sudden passing of a shadow in front of her. Due to this, she lost her balance and fell backwards as a mini-waterfall descended from the glass she had been practicing with. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed as she tried to get up. She had fallen on top of someone, and she had soaked them both. “Oh, what rotten luck I have today,” she groaned as she slapped her forehead. With a wince, she turned to the person who she had so clumsily fallen on top of. “Are you okay? I’m really, really sorry,” she whimpered softly. Oh no, she thought. I hope he’s not mad at me. Please don’t be mad at me.

((A note about Elizabeth's curse:

I can assure you guys that the mortals will not be vanishing because of her. If my charrie does get accepted, she would perform the dance and then she'd find the experience so wonderful she would continue to take up Dance at Masquerade. So that's all.))

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Accepted! Welcome to the site and Happy RPing!

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