Lets Learn How To Kill A Strigoi! ((OPEN... PG-13!))

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Lets Learn How To Kill A Strigoi! ((OPEN... PG-13!)) Empty Lets Learn How To Kill A Strigoi! ((OPEN... PG-13!))

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:21 pm

((I have a lot of spare muse...so yeah...the posts gonna be LONG! But it's gonna be fun to RP out....Anyways... anyone can join!!))

Lesson 1: Basic Dos And Don'ts

Ari was pacing in the gym, waiting for the students who had decided to come to her class about killing Strigoi to settle down. They were loud, and impatient and scared and probably had a million and one emotions running through them right now, but Ari didn't care about their emotions at the moment. All she cared about was teaching them how to kill the Strigoi. Ari had had to learn how to kill them from an early age, after all it was likely there would be an attack on her family and so she had learnt. And now she felt it was time to pass on the knowledge to some less fortunate students.

After they had simmered down enough for Ari to be heard she stepped up onto the podium where the judges of the gymnastics competitions normally sat and cleared her throat, looking at the large number of students who had shown up... Ari felt a surge of happiness go through her as she realised that they must trust her to show up....either that or they were just desperate. "Okay.... Can you all hear me?" Ari said loudly, projecting her voice to the far end of the room where it echoed off the walls. A few of the students at the back nodded and Ari grinned. "Right.... well... Normally i would have taught this outside in the martial arts area, or the fencing area, but that’s probably under surveillance from the big scary Strigoi, so i figured in here would be safer. It’s best not to clue them in that we're teaching you guys how to defend yourselves."

A few of the louder male students at the back whistled and whooped, shouting something that sounded like, "Hell Yeah!" Some of the smaller, skinnier, starved looking plastics at the front muttered nervously, making Ari laugh when one of them mentioned breaking nails.

"All right... So I’m guessing we're all in on that then!" Ari said, a smile on her face when the hubbub had died down again. "Soo... let’s start with the basic do's and don'ts of Killing Strigoi!" By this point Ari was sitting on the desk facing the students, she figured that standing for ages on end lecturing them wasn't going to do much, so She was going to sit and lecture them for a bit first, and then get on with some practical stuff.

"Okay so... Number one! Strigoi, no matter how human they may look, which i assure you isn't actually all that much, they are not human. They may seem human, may try and act human, but they are not in fact human. They see no beauty, they feel no love. The only emotions they are capable of passing are hate, anger, jealousy. They want to kill, and they want to fight... They ENJOY it." Ari shifted, and took a quick sip of the bottle of water that was next to her.

"Number two! Out there it's likely that you may run into a Strigoi you used to know back when they are human. You have to tell yourself that they aren't human anymore, and they aren't who they used to be. They'll remember who you are; they'll act like they still know you. They know your weaknesses, and they think they know your strengths and they will use them against you. You have to tell yourself that they aren't who they used to be and you have to kill them. You can't let them get to you because once you do you're as good as dead." Ari paused for a second, letting this information sink in for a second before carrying on.

"Number three! Don't talk to them! Don't reply when they try and talk to you, when they try and taunt you. Ignore them. Because again if you let that get to you, if you talk back and try and have a civilised conversation with them, you're dead." A few of the students were moving around now, impatient to get on with the actual fighting, there were murmurs amongst them, but none of them left.

"Number four! Don't let them get close enough to grab you! By grabbing you they will either crush you to death, or they will bite you and turn you Strigoi. And trust me, if any of you turn Strigoi I will find you and kill you before you kill me. You have to remember that Strigoi are extremely strong and a lot faster than you..." Ari stopped again, taking some more water. Her throat was dry, probably because she was sat in front of a bunch of people telling them how to kill Strigoi, and a lot of how to kill a Strigoi was how to kill a normal vampire as well. "Okies... So I think that’s just about it for basic do's and don'ts...Soo... let’s move on!!"

Lesson 2: Staking amongst other things

"So...If we're gonna kill a Strigoi we need a few things to be happening for us first. We have to have a decent shot at the heart. We have to make sure that we're not gonna get killed staking it. Or... if you're a fire user then you have to make sure you have either enough energy and power to burn up a whole Strigoi, or have someone with you to stake them!" Ari glanced around the room, finally taking in a few of the people that was there listening to her. A few of them she actually knew and she grinned again, even though she had nothing to be smiling about.

"Now.. To stake a Strigoi through the heart you have to get them between either their third and fourth ribs, or in some cases between the second and third, depending on how tall you are. If your shorter you're gonna have more advantage doing this, the same goes if you're super tall. If you're about the same height as the Strigoi it's gonna be difficult but not impossible. You also have to be strong, a Strigoi’s flesh, though marble like in appearance isn't like marble itself, but it's still tougher than other species' skin." Ari smiled again, thinking how much more fun this would have been if they weren't all about to march to their deaths in the next few hours.

"Now... Another reason to why it's going to be tougher to get through to the Strigoi's heart is the fact that there are things in front of it... There’s the ribs, and then some organs and stuff you have to pass. This is why you go between the ribs, with the tip of your Stake pointing upwards. This way it's more likely to at least nick the heart, and sometimes, depending on age, that’s enough to kill.
"I also suggest holding your stake with both hands, it'll be easier to aim that way, and also you'll have more force behind it. But sometimes you're gonna have to stake them one handed. You might be too busy fending off an attack with your other hand, or something might have gone wrong. But if you have to stake one handed then you have to be careful. If you hold the stake wrong you're just gonna break your wrist with the impact. And one chance is all you're gonna get at staking the Strigoi. If you're not capable of staking with the one hand at the end of this session then you are going to have to make sure you stick with someone who can help you." Ari took another drink, so she could think of what to say next, and then after a slight pause she carried on.

"Now...Magic users can be extremely helpful...or not at all depending on what powers they have. Curses won't do much against the Strigoi... they have no souls, so really they can't be cursed any more than they already are. Water users.... well if you’re near a fish tank or something like that you could make it explode using the water and send shards of glass flying at the Strigoi.... Or you could gather up the water and kinda suffocate the Strigoi with it... It wouldn't kill them, but it could be all someone needs to be able to stake it. Other than those few things water isn't all that useful...Sorry about that. Air users…again not all that useful...Umm... Earth... Earth isn't really gonna come in handy... because burying the Strigoi alive wouldn't kill it... it'd still be alive...for a few more days anyways... then it might die because it hasn't had any blood....But you’re more likely to hurt some of the students than the actual Strigoi while attempting that, so it's best not to try it. Lightning users... Well... I’ve never actually seen a Strigoi struck by lightning, it'd be entertaining to see what happens, so... give it a go and we'll see what happens!" Ari grinned again, tucking her long hair behind her ear as she did so.

"But fire users are by far the most useful elemental users here. It can kill a Strigoi and can also help distract them...so... Stick with the fire users! Also... people who can move things with their minds...I’ve forgotten what it's called... could come in handy, you'd be able to stake the Strigoi from a distance... but it may be a bit difficult. Anyways... you get the picture. Let’s move on!"

Lesson 3: Some useful tips

"Okay...So...Some useful tips! This is probably gonna be a short bit...because I’m sure you're all wanting to get on with the actual practicing...so yeah..." Ari got up off the desk and walked to the edge of the stage thing to make her legs work again. She had been sat down for longer than she expected and just wanted to get fighting as well.

"Umm... Number one! Fire users... I suggest that you pair up with someone who can use a stake... That way you could use just a burst of fire on the Strigoi and then while it's distracted let the other person stake them. Number two! Don't let it gets its mouth anywhere near you...unlike me the Strigoi bite!" A few of the students laughed at that and Ari's eyes were dancing with amusement as she spoke.

"Number three! Trust your instinct! If you feel like something is behind you then turn around bloody quick with your stake at the ready... it's probably going to be a Strigoi. Number Four! Use a silver stake... that way if you just scratch the monster it's gonna be in a lot of pain...sure it's gonna be angrier...but it'll be distracted by the pain and become more irrational. That’s when it's fighting will get sloppy. Also...only a silver stake will kill it... A wooden one will just paralyse it, and once removed it'll heal and come back with a vengeance.
Number 5! Don't try and capture the Strigoi and tie it up with chain...or anything... it's likely to break it, and then it will be really angry and kill you... And we don't want that now, do we?"

Lesson 4: Now, let’s see what you've got!
Stake the dummy!

"OKAY!! Now... sorry for boring you with all that need to know stuff! I think first of all we're gonna see what you've got! So... get into groups of...about seven to ten and take it in turns to stake one of these lovely dummies I have around the room... I borrowed them from fencing....but I’ll give them back when we're done... maybe...." That got a bit of a laugh and then suddenly everyone was moving.

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