Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway)

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Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway) Empty Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway)

Post  Bridge Scott on Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:05 pm

Okay, guys. Bridge here (I'll post in Dark Blue) , Chance is taking a nap. -_-' (He'll post in Dark Red)
While we were away, this popped into our heads and we began writing. Here we'll lay out the basic plot and characters for you, and then in further updates, we'll post the actual story. Depending on who's awake to post, it'll either come from Chance or I. This is an open work, we are open to ideas, but anything not posted by the two of us will not be considered "canon" and will be categorized as "fan-fiction." Any such "fan-fiction" posts not including a disclaimer stating that the characters are property of Thomas Potter (or Bridge Scott) and Luke Guyer (or Chance Dunway) will be asked to be removed. We will not hesitate to ask the admins to remove your posts if you don't. Without further ado, the characters:
(A/N: To help differentiate P.O.V. [point of view], each P.O.V. will be stated at the beginning of the chapter, and depending on the Character, it will be color coded.)

Joshua Bradley "Josh" Cooper/Zephyrus-22, Male. Josh is fun loving, kind hearted, and free spirited. He looks to have no concept on the serious things in live, and is kind of compulsive. Deep down, however, he's wiser than anyone can fathom.
Ian Craig Cooper/Oren-22, Male. Ian is a bit more down to earth than his twin brother. While Josh is the more optimistic, Ian is the realistic, always poking holes in Josh's hair-brained schemes.
Camryn Allison Barnes-18, Female. Camryn is a no-nonsense kid from the streets of Chicago. Having lost her family when she was still a toddler, she was raised by a mysterious boy named Kai, and after Kai died, Camryn must take care of herself.
Benjamin Carson "Ben" Lewis-19, Male. Ben's a sweet guy, to the point of stumbling over himself. He's the power house of the team, but wouldn't hurt a fly. And Ben's one of those super-hot-but-doesn't-know-it guys.
Hayley Victoria Scott-21, Female. Hayley is a girly girl that takes things for granted because she's a bit of an heiress, not to mention an air head. She soon learns that life isn't always about money.
Cody Noah Briggs-20, Male. Next to nothing is known about Cody.
Dr. Candice Renee Maxim-34, Female. Archeologist.

Basic Plot: We have none. So we're holding a contest for an over all plot, and the winner gets to become a featured character. And We know some descriptions of the characters are short, but we don't want give anything away. Bear with us. So, watch for Naturally, Ch. 1: Tides of Fate, coming soon.
--Bridge, and Chance if he would wake up.
P.S. Thomas Potter and Luke Guyer are not our real names. They are pseudonyms like Lemony Snicket or Lewis Caroll.

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Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway) Empty Naturally, Ch. 1: Tides of Fate

Post  Chance Dunway on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:50 pm

Title: Naturally, Ch. 1: Tides of Fate
Rating: PG 13
Authors: Luke Guyer and
Thomas Potter
POV: Ben
Length: 2235 words
Disclaimer: We do not own the portrayers used for characters. We do, however, own the characters themselves.
A/N: Hey, Guys. It's finally done. Don't forget, the contest is still going. Feel free to comment with questions, ideas, constructive criticism, critique, what ever. Just remember, flames (hate comments) will be used to roast marshmallows for s'mores and then passed out to people who actually like it.

“Mum, I’m headed out.” I called as I walked out of the front door, surf board in hand.
“Have a good time, dinner’s at six.” She yelled back. My mum knew I loved going surfing with my mates Sean and Derek. She loved surfing and the ocean almost as much as I did, but with Dad gone and Carlie to look after she never really got the chance. But this year, for her birthday in a week, I was going to watch little Carlie and let Mum have some time on the waves. Who knows, maybe if all went well, I’d volunteer to watch Carlie more often.
As I waked out the door, I saw Derek’s Jeep sitting outside, his and Sean’s boards strapped to the roof. I smiled at them, throwing boy board up with theirs, and climbing into the back.
“Took ya long enough.” Sean quipped. His American accent was getting better, but it was still pretty thick. Sean had moved here from the States about two years ago.
“Aye.” Derek agreed. Derek was a man of few words, preferring to talk with his movements. He was pretty graceful too, being able to convey ten words with a simple flick of the wrist.
“Would you guys shut up?” I joked. They knew I didn’t mean anything by it. Sean, Derek and I had been the best of mates since we met in year nine of school two years ago. We laughed and joked about nothing all the way to the beach. When we got there, the only thing that mattered any more was riding the perfect swell, feeling the rush of the sea. We were just three guys looking to have a good time surfing.
“Ben, we’re gonna call it a day.” Sean called out, the tide slapping against his legs.
“You guys go ahead. I’m gonna catch one last wave!” I yelled back, paddling towards an incoming swell. I had a feeling this would be the one, the perfect wave. As it rose, so did I, the ocean and my body working in synchronicity.
That’s when I saw it. The shadow. There it was, clear as day. the silhouette of a dragon gliding across the wave. As I stared at the shadow, my focus was ripped from the wave, like I was ripped from my board. The blue sea crashed over my head, filling my lungs. I could feel myself slipping away and was only slightly aware of the tugging under my arms. I broke the surface, coughing out water.
“Ben, you okay?” Sean asked in a panicked voice. He and Derek were floating near by, concerned looks across their dripping faces. My face became a look of confusion.
“Wha? What happened?” I wiped my wet hair out of my face.
“You got this glazed look on your face and then you wiped out, man.” Sean explained, breathing heavily.
Suddenly, it came rushing back to me. “Did you see it?” I demanded in a mad frenzy. “Did you see the dragon?!”
It was their turn to look confused. “What the hell, Ben?” Sean asked, incredulous.
Derek was a little kinder about it. “Ben, man, dragons don’t ask.”
“I know what I saw!” I screamed at them.
“The hell you do, Ben. This is the last time I put up with your shit. I’m out of here.” Sean yelled back paddling toward the shore.
“Give him time to cool down.” Derek said quietly, behind me. I wish Derek believed me. But I knew he didn’t. Silently, I stared toward the shore.
“Ben, wait..” Derek said.
“No. Cass can give me a ride. I’ll talk to you tomorrow at work.” I said evenly as I swam to shore. I walked onto the shore, the sheets of water rolling off me. I was in no mood to deal with anything.
When I got to my pack, I pulled my phone out, scrolling down to find the right contact.
“Hello?” came a voice
“Mrs. Adkins? It’s Ben. I was wondering if Cass wanted to hang out right now...?” I asked, trying to keep my tone even and controlled.
“Ben? Oh, Ben Lewis. Sure, Cass is free. Where to you want to meet her?”
“Tell her to meet me at Tony’s. I’ll have my board with me.”
“Okay, she’ll be there soon.” Tony’s was the name of an outdoor bar and grill on the boardwalk. It was really popular after the surfing competitions, because of its closeness. It was really popular with the local teens because Tony Dicks, and he would often host alcohol and drug free parties, which make him popular among the parents.
I walked that way, the afternoon sun drying the sea watter off my bare chest. My flip flops smacked against the concrete streets. My bag bumped against my bare back. Soon, I was at Tony’s.
“Ben? Ben Lewis? That you?” A man called from behind the counter.
“Hey Tony. I was Ben Lewis when I came in yesterday, nothing’s changed.” I laughed, my braces showing. I hated them since I had gotten them last year, but I was finally smiling.
“I know, just had to check. So, you here for a surfing lesson?”
“Nah. Just waiting for Cass.” The entire place got suddenly quiet.
“Ben and Cass, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...” Someone began to sing. Everyone claimed to see sparks fly when Cass and I were together.
“Guys, there is NO chemistry between Cass and I.” I explained.
“Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. Star crossed lovers, the both of you.” I rolled my eyes, and watched for Cass’s SUV. It arrived within five minute. I waved at the crowd before heading into the SUV.
“I thought you were surfing with Sean and Derek?” Cass asked.
“We called it an early day.” I said with finality, my teeth clenched.
“ What do you want to do?”
“Am I not allowed to hang out with my best friend in the world?” I grinned.
“Something about this smells fishy, and it ain’t you, Sea Boy. And put a shirt on.” She quipped.
“Oh, ha ha.” I said sarcastically, reaching into my pack to pull out a sleeveless tee. I pulled it on as Cass began to pull out of the parking lot.
“Seriously, though, where do you want to go?” Cass asked indignantly.
“Thunder Cove.” I murmured. Cass and I had discovered Thunder Cove when we were kids, seeking shelter from a storm, so we named it Thunder Cove. That was were we went to be who we wanted to be. It was whatever we wanted, a place to relax, a place to hang.
“Something on your mind?” Cass asked, noticing I was on edge. I wanted to talk to her about what I saw, knowing she believed in dragons and whatever, but I wanted to wait until we got to Thunder Cove. It had started raining on our way there, just like it was the day we first discovered it. It was a small storm, and we could see the sun in the distance, but still hear thunder rolling across the sky. My favorite kind of weather.
“Can it wait until we get there? I want to take a swim first, clear my head.” Cass nodded at my request and we rode in silence all the way to Thunder Cove’s secluded location.
When we got there, I stripped off my shirt, leaving it, my shoes, and my bag on the beach, diving straight into the ocean. I swam around, before watching the distorted storm on the surface. The raindrops shot into the ocean like bullets, causing ripples in the already rocking sea. Feeling the water drop a couple degrees around me, I figured I should get in the cave with Cass before I got sick or something.
Cass was waiting on the shore for me, a towel held out. She wrapped it around my shoulders, and held her arm around me as we walked to the shelter of the small cave. “I have something I need to tell you...” Cass and I both said at once.
“You first.” I conceded
“No, mine can wait. You go first.” She insisted.
“Okay, I saw it again. The dragon.” In all honesty, today wasn’t the first time I had seen the dragon. I had seen it through the latter half of middle school and most of high school.
“Maybe you should tell your mom...” Cass said. Cass always said that. But I didn’t think my mom could handle the thought of me seeing imaginary dragons while she still had Carlie and I to take care of.
“You know I can’t. She’d freak out. My mom already stressed enough as it is. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out. Anyway, what did you want to tell me?”
“Oh, nothing. It’s not important, anyways.” She said, kind of nervously.
“Cass. I know you. Nothing you have to tell me is not important. You can trust me.”
“I think I’m in love...” She said quietly.
“That’s great. Who ever it is will be the luckiest guy in the world.” I smiled.
“But I’m scared to tell him. He’s funny, sweet, and totally hot, but I’m not sure if I want to try to pursue a relationship with him.”
“Cass, just go for it. Nothing should stand in the way of happiness. Who is it anyway?”
“You, Ben. I love you.”
I was stunned. I didn’t know if I was happy or not. Truth be told, I had had strong feelings for Cass for a while now, I just didn’t know if they were love or not. I was speechless, so I did the next best thing. I grabbed Cass’s face in my hands and crashed my lips to hers. She deepened the kiss, running her hands over my still damp bare chest before wrapping them around my neck. She pushed me down onto the rock ledge we were sitting on, kissing down my neck. “Cass,” I gasped. “Cass, stop. We don’t want to do anything too serious right now. We’re only 19.”
She paused, a husky look in her eyes. Then they seemed to clear up, becoming her old self again. “No, you’re right. We shouldn’t rush into this. Why don’t we go home before the storm gets worse?” Cass suggested. Dazed, I nodded, noting that the rain had intensified since we had arrived. We silently dashed to her SUV, and rode in silence all the way to my house. I hadn’t noticed how much time had passed, and when I walked in, Mum was asleep on the couch. There was a note on the kitchen table that said: “Leftovers are in the fridge, love you, good night. -Mum.”
I smiled, but I was too tired to eat, just heading straight for my room. Careful not to wake Carlie up, I kicked off my shoes and flopped down on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.
I was at the beach, but it wasn’t a beach I had ever been too before. The sun was setting on the horizon, but a storm was rumbling behind me. I knew it had already passed us, but I wasn’t sure how I knew that. A woman in a flowing blue dress came and sat on the rocks beside me. I wasn’t sure who she was, so I pulled my knees up to my chest, locking my arms around my legs.
“No need to be afraid of me, Ben. You know who I am.” She was right, apparently. I had seen her before, had even talked to her. That’s why the beach had looked so familiar. I really had be here before. I just didn’t remember. And this woman and I had spent what seemed like hours talking. About me, about her, about storms. Our conversations seemed to come to storms.
“Nariko.” I whispered. She nodded.
“The time has come, Ben. Tomorrow, she will arrive at the diner. She will ask for coffee, black, and a cheese-and-chive omelet. You must quit, sit in her booth, and tell her ‘The Storm is Brewing’. You will know the rest.”

I nodded, staring out at the sunset.
My eyes fluttered open. I had to get to the diner, and fast.
It was almost closing time. And she still hadn’t shown up. But there was one last person in one of my booths. Tiredly, I asked: “What can I get you to drink, ma’am?”
“Coffee. Black, if you would.” She said, not looking up from a manila folder. My heart began to race. Quickly, I poured a mug of coffee for her, taking it back to her table. I tried to keep my voice as normal as possible. “What would you eat, miss?”
“Omelet. Cheese and chives.” This was her! I went straight to my boss’s office, took off my apron, and told him I quit.
I slid into the booth opposite her. “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast at near 5 in the afternoon.” I explained.
“Oh, I must still be on Congo time.” She laughed.
“The storm is brewing.” I began, my voice low.
Her head snapped up. “The flames will burn....?” She said, uncertainly.
“The earth will shatter.” I nodded.
“And the skies will fall.” The woman gasped.
“My name is Ben Lewis. Nariko said it was you.”
“Dr. Maxim. If you know who Nariko is, you must come with me.”

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Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway) Empty Re: Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway)

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:14 pm

XD its good...

-sits and waits for next chapter-

I hash a slight idea for a plot....however it isn't quite finished yet, so i aint telling ya... XD

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Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway) Empty Re: Naturally (An original elementals story by Bridge Scott and Chance Dunway)

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