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The Basics:
First or second character?: First
Name: Devin Tyler

Age: Fifteen; August 3, 1999


The Other Stuff:
History: “Your dance sucks.”

“It does not! It has arms…” Devin raised his arms over his head as if he were flapping wings. “And feet…” He pointed the toes on his right foot. “And leaps…” He took a long leap across the stage. “And spins.” From where he landed, he began spinning with his left leg out. “It’s perfect!”

“You can’t be serious!” Adam countered. “It’s all wrong! It’s disorganized and all over the stage. Everybody is going to be running into each other. It’ll be a disaster.”

“I’m using three people, not an army! There is plenty of space for three people.”

“It’s still wrong! It doesn’t flow properly from the second part to the third. And with that many spins, somebody is bound to get dizzy and fall down.”

“My dance is fine! Watch it with the other people and you’ll see!”

“Look, if you just took out some of the spins and added a smoother transition between parts, it would be a hundred times better!”

“I told you, my dance is perfectly—unf!” Devin was suddenly staring up at Adam from the floor. He looked strange, though. He was huge, and he wasn’t fully in Devin’s visual field. The boy turned his head to the side and realized he couldn’t see the same picture with both eyes. At the same time, he realized all of his classmates had suddenly gone silent. He tried to respond with an angry, “I’m fine, I just fell,” but found he couldn’t speak at all. He tried to stand up, but couldn’t do that, either. Finally, voices began to speak.

“What just happened?”

“Where’s Devin?”

“Where did the rabbit come from?”

Rabbit?! What the heck was going on? Devin cautiously moved forward a single step when his best friend’s voice rang out.

“It worked! We’ve been practicing for the talent show! Oh gosh, I’m so glad we got that figured out! Hold on, let me go get Devin.” Tally picked him off the floor and rushed them both to the girl’s bathroom, where she locked the door. “What the heck, Devin?” she hissed. “If that even is you. If you’re in there, I demand you turn back into a person immediately!” Devin turned his head slightly, so he could look at her clearly with one eye at least. Tally sighed and held him up to the mirror. “Explain this!”

Rather than his face, Devin saw a black rabbit staring back at him. He screamed, not even realizing he was actually making noise until Tally shushed him. It took half an hour and quite a few choice phrases from Tally before Devin found himself sitting on the floor, once again in human form.


Devin rushed through the house and into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Of course, it didn’t take long for his mother to come knocking.

“Go away!” he yelled.

“Devin, honey? Is everything okay?”

“I said go away!” His mother let herself in anyway. Devin lay face down on his bed, refusing to look at her. She perched on the edge and reached out to touch his shoulder. “Was it a girl?”

“No,” Devin grumbled.

“Was it a boy?”


“Was it—“

Devin turned over and cut her off. “I turned into a rabbit in the middle of dance, mom!”

She suddenly looked defeated. “How did it happen?”


“Turning into a rabbit… How did it happen? Did you get really angry or upset or—?”

“You’re supposed to say I’m hallucinating and that I need to go to the hospital! Why are you talking like this is a normal thing?”

“Honey…in our family, it is. Your father and I hoped it would skip another generation and that you would be spared, but it rarely skips more than one generation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your grandparents are shapeshifters. All of them. So is Aunt Julie and Uncle Brad. Your great-grandparents were shifters, too. The genes have been running in the family for centuries. They sometimes skip a generation. Neither your father nor I have the ability to shift, but we still carry the genes. We knew there would be a chance that you would shift, too, but we hoped you wouldn’t.”

“You’re saying I can shapeshift into a rabbit?”


Devin pulled a pillow over his face. “A rabbit has to be the most worthless animal to shift into! Did you know I might become a rabbit?”

“No. Grandma Alice can shift into a hawk. Grandma Lucy is a cat. Grandpa Paul turns into a wolf, and Grandpa John is a bear.”

Devin wailed into his pillow. “Why did I have to become a rabbit?”

“Sometimes the genes mutate a bit when they skip a generation. I’m sorry, honey.”

“I can’t go back to school.”

“I know. I agree. Dad and I will work on finding a new school for you. I know how important dance is. Maybe we can find a school that will let you focus on dance performance.”

Personality: Devin is a happy, outgoing person. He loves meeting new people and making new friends. In a crowd, he’s one of the first people to introduce himself and start asking questions of others. He loves talking about himself, but he also loves to hear about other people’s likes and dislikes. He finds it’s sometimes easier to bond when other people offer up ideas of things that interest them. Even if he knows nothing about what other people say, he’ll latch onto one idea or hobby in the hope that he can somehow make a friend out of the situation.

Devin appears very cool and confident most of the time. He willingly admits that he is good at what he does. Even if he isn’t, he’ll still pretend just to appear a little bigger and a little better than he actually is. On the downside, this means that he can get flustered very easily. If somebody starts attacking his ideas or something that he is passionate about, he’ll feel a need to defend himself. His defense can be a little weak sometimes, and if he doesn’t feel like he is making a good argument, he gets incredibly flustered and tends to lose control.

Appearance: Devin frequently gets told he looks younger than he is. With a round face and a button-like nose, it’s easy to see why. It’s also easy to see why he often gets called cute, though not in the way he’d like. He has a kind of cheek-pinching, baby-like cuteness about him, though he’d much rather be known for being the attractive kind of cute. He has dark brown hair that he likes to keep somewhat shaggy and dark brown eyes to match. If one were to look slightly further than his face, they would find a fit, muscular body that has been toned from more than ten years of dance lessons. Devin does take pride in his appearance, and he works hard to maintain it.

In terms of his personal style, he prefers simple, loose clothing. T-shirts and sweatpants make up a large part of his wardrobe. Cargo pants will occasionally be mixed in, too, but he never wears jeans. Devin greatly prefers clothes he can move in to clothes that show off his body.

RP Sample: Devin tried not to look too doubtful as he hauled his suitcase through the main entrance. To be fair, he wasn’t exactly doubting how things would go at the new school. He was actually quite looking forward to it. Before starting high school, he had begged his parents to attend a dance-specific school. The Conservatory in his hometown had seemed like the ideal place to go. Much to his dismay, however, his mom and dad had informed him that they could not afford to send him to a private school. Instead, he would have to be content with public school and the dance electives offered to him. It had worked for a while, but now that he was enrolled in a performing arts school, Devin was more than ecstatic. The problem arose from the fact that he was starting at the new school in the middle of his sophomore year of high school. It just felt like an odd time to move, and he wasn’t sure how he would be received.

Additionally, he was leaving his last school because he had burst into a rabbit right in the middle of class. What if that happened at this school, too? Not only would it be embarrassing all over again, but it would break his heart if he had to leave a school that was so clearly made for him. Both of his parents had told him he could learn to control the shifting, but at this point, Devin had no idea how to do that. Frankly, he wasn’t entirely sure how he had managed to turn into a rabbit in the first place. Dad told him it would help if he wasn’t always thinking about becoming an animal, but that wasn’t exactly easy. The harder he tried not to think about it, the more he did.

Hopefully he could make a friend soon. If he could make friends, he could keep himself busy. Devin always did better when he was busy. If that didn’t work for some reason, he could always find the dance studio. He was comfortable on a stage or in an open space where he could move. It didn’t even matter if he had an audience or not. Dancing put him in his own world where he was happy, safe, and comfortable. Reaching for that little glimmer of hope, Devin prayed he could make a friend who was as interested in dance as he was. If he could manage that, everything would be perfect.

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Yes, yes, YES! A million times accepted! Turning into a rabbit, I love it! Welcome to Masquerade!

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