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Post  Naomi Reese on Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:32 am

The Basics:
First or second character?:

Naomi Reese




The Other Stuff:
The story that you'll get from Naomi is that she was born to a Korean mom and an African-American father and that she was raised in America for all of her life. In reality Naomi was born from the fiery pits of Hell. She was actually raised by Lilith, the first wife of Adam, and serves Lilith. For the past few years though Naomi has been curious about human life, and has spent her time on Earth traveling around seducing men and listening to artists like Nicki Minaj. After a while of traveling Naomi heard people talking about this whole "school" thing and thought about how she wanted to learn to sing, and decided to find herself a school to learn to sing and continue seducing men on the side.

Naomi is very matter-of-fact and can come across very brash to other people. She'll tell you like it is, whether you actually want to hear it or not. Her passions include having sex, stealing the souls of men, Nicki Minaj, chewing gum, and consuming human foods (especially Starbucks). She's not the kind of person that you'd want to anger, considering that she's an actual demon, and could probably find some way to screw up your life. Although, she's more likely to just scream at you and then beat you up.

Naomi is Blasian, which means that she does have black skin with Asian features. You can tell mostly in her eyes. When wearing her everyday clothing, Naomi has a tough time deciding if she's going to wear a beanie or a snapback. She enjoys wearing crop tops and leggings, or anything in general that shows off her figure. Her hair is long and wavy and she occasionally dyes it black, even though her hair is actually dark-brown. She would have the ability to shape-shift if she felt like it, but that's way too much trouble for her, and she prefers her current look to any other human look.

RP Sample:
Naomi stood across from the man at the counter. She could tell that this guy was sizing her up, trying to decide if she was "jail-bait" or legal. Either way, Naomi was going to give it to him. She'd been feeling fairly weak for the past few days, and was in desperate need of a man's soul to bring her power back up, because sadly a Starbucks mocha wasn't going to give her the power she needed. Especially when she had a fight later on.
"So can you hand me my change or are you going to keep sizing me up?" Playing hard to get was one of the easiest ways for her to seduce guys.  They'd get all flustered when she called them out for looking at her, and then she'll play up the whole flattery of them looking at her, then meet up with them later and then steal their souls. It was a classic routine for Naomi, but she loved it. "Don't worry, I know I look good. My name is Naomi Reese. Want to hang out later?" The guy continued to stare at her before stammering some sort of approval. She never really listened to her victims. What was the point of doing that when she was going to steal their souls later? All she needs to know is where they want to meet up. Become their dream come true for the night.
Before taking her mocha from the poor guy across the counter she slide him her number. "Text me," she said with a wink and then turned and walked out of the store with a huge smile on her face while sipping her drink.
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Post  Lucien Davis on Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:18 am

Accepted! Welcome to the site Naomi!

You probably already know, but with this been a PG-13 site, you're not going to be able to go into massive detail about sex... and please try not to kill too many students XD

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