Daniel Hemmingway, School Counsellor

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Daniel Hemmingway, School Counsellor

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The Basics:
First or second character?: N/A STAFF MEMBER
Name: Daniel Hemmingway

Age: 28

Birthday: January 26 1987

Species: Human (Telepath)

The Other Stuff:
History: The Hemmingways have been part of Masquerade for almost as long as the school has been open. A family of telepaths, Daniel is the latest to join the ranks of Staff and take over his mother’s job as School Counsellor. As a youth, Daniel attended the school and aced every subject that didn’t require a personal level of skill (thanks to his telepathy, he could easily cheat on tests. He wasn’t above using his powers to help himself out).

While his past hasn’t been particularly interesting, thanks to him been shy, his adult life did when his mother stepped down as School Counsellor. Every day brings a new problem to Daniel, and he loves the challenge of fixing them. He does his best not to use his telepathy, as that takes the whole challenge away, and it turns out that he is very good at his job. Just like the rest of his family had been.

However, there is always an exception to the rule, and for Daniel, that exception is Lucien Davis. The Immortal has a habit of causing trouble and breaking hearts, but feels no remorse and really just can’t change, no matter how many times he’s been called to the office.

As well as been the School Counsellor, he is also the school’s emergency go-to for if a human student finds out about the secret of the school, and if he determines that the student either can’t keep quiet about what they’ve learnt or can’t cope with it, he removes the memory from their minds.

Personality: Daniel is a naturally quiet person, as he spends so much time in other people’s heads. He is mature for his age, and while he sometimes complains about his job and how much it wears him out, he loves it and wouldn’t changing it for the world. A kind person, he’ll go out of his way to help any student in need (That isn’t Lucien Davis, anyway. He is the one person that Daniel has given up on.).

Been a telepath hasn’t always been an easy thing for Daniel, as he is a sensitive fellow and can feel someone’s emotions when he’s in their heads. That means that for those few seconds, that person is totally exposed to him – he feels their fears and hopes, sees their dreams and can learn their whole life story… in just a few seconds. When he takes away a troubled person’s pain is when he is happy. There isn’t a better feeling in the world to him, even though that sometimes means the unsavoury task of removing or editing someone’s memory.

Appearance: Daniel has dark brown hair that goes to the top of his neck and can usually been seen sporting some stubble. He prefers to wear dark clothes, and while people might expect him to wear a suit to work, he actually dresses casually (his excuse is because it makes people feel more at ease). Because he spends of most his day inside, he is quite pale and a couple of newer vampire students actually thought he was one of them. While he doesn’t adorn himself with jewellery, he wears a silver chain that he keeps tucked away under his t-shirt and a watch on his left wrist.
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