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The Basics:
First or second character?: Second
Name: Rhodri Yates

Age: Stuck at 16 (born sometime in the 1500's)


The Other Stuff:
In the early 1500's, a child was born in Wales.  Even by crude time measurements, the boy was born premature, killing his mother before she could even see her child.  The scornful father named his son Rhodri, not even able to look at him for a time.  Against all the odds, Rhodri lived, though he spent most of his early years sickly and not able to do much outside of the house.  His father was distant, blaming the boy for his mother's death and feeling ashamed of a son he considered quite useless.  Rhodri didn't care much about the way his father treated him…though the man ran the local silversmith and expected his son to take over the trade, Rhodri much preferred to spend his days reading…a habit encouraged by Merfyn, the mysterious owner of the small print shop in the village.  Merfyn had learned about the hidden child after dropping off some pamphlets on the Bible for Rhodri's father late one night.  After that, the print shop owner secretly brought the young boy pamphlets on everything he could, which the boy happily devoured.

As Rhodri aged and was able to leave the cottage and do his own thing, he began sneaking to the press after dark so he could learn.  Merfyn taught the boy good script and how to write properly.  When he started reaching the age where his father would start training him in the forges, Rhodri had no choice but to learn the family trade.  Even from a young age, the boy hated the work.  He didn't feel right working with metals…all he wanted to do was read, write and learn.  Though his nights were often spent in exhaustion or asleep, Rhodri sneaked to Merfyn's shop as often as he could, pouring over precious and rare printed books and writing diligently with a quill.  Along with being his teacher, Merfyn was also the boy's confidant, especially as Rhodri grew older.  All his hatred towards his father, and wanting to do something more with himself than work in the forges came out to the print master.  And Merfyn only fueled the boy's urge to rebel.

Shortly after Rhodri turned sixteen, Merfyn poised a vague idea to the boy.  He would take him in a midnight escape as long as the boy allowed himself to become a creature of the night.  Although he wasn't entirely sure what Merfyn meant, Rhodri had some ideas of "creatures of the night".  After all, it was the printer himself that had given the child pamphlets on the dangers of witches and half men, half wolves that howled at the moon.  Living through a time that was all about the dangers of such things, Rhodri didn't doubt that such creatures existed, though Merfyn's words puzzled him.  Finally, the young man agreed to the setup…as terrifying as a change was, nothing could be worse than remaining with his father.  A few days after the initial pitch, Rhodri agreed.

True to his word, Merfyn helped Rhodri flee in the middle of the night.  It was only after a few days of traveling and far from the small village where the man revealed himself to be a vampire.  The revelation made sense, especially as Rhodri realized he had never seen or traveled with the man during the day, nor eat anything while they were together.  Despite his fears, the youth had agreed to Merfyn's terms and was not one to go back on his oath.  That night, the print maker began the process of turning his protege into a vampire.

The next thing Rhodri remembered, he was on his back in an old barn, a throbbing pain in his neck and an intense hunger in his stomach.  Opening his eyes, he saw Merfyn standing over him, changing bandages on his neck.  The man didn't speak, just helped Rhodri sit and offer him a dented old silver cup.  As much as the new vampire felt he should be repulsed by the blood, his thirst proved otherwise, and the boy drank his hunger away.  Soon after, the boy fell into another empty rest.

At first, Rhodri had a hard time adjusting to a life on the move.  Every few years, he and Merfyn would set up shop as printers in a small village, never staying longer than ten years lest their secret be discovered.  No matter where they set up across Europe, their lives were dangerous, as vampires were hunted creatures no matter what.  Despite all this, Rhodri came to an understanding of his role in society, especially as time went on and the world changed.  Having been born in a very traditional time, the unchanged boy had some trouble as time went on.  But it was nothing compared to the changes he started seeing in Merfyn.

In the early seventeenth century, the two were set up in a tiny village in the English countryside.  On a cold day in November, word came through the village that a Welsh diplomat would be coming through one night on his way to London.  Rhodri had no interest in the affair, but Merfyn was oddly obsessed with it, as well as the particular diplomat named.  This frightened Rhodri, and he withdrew, hoping the whole thing would just blow over, and he and Merfyn could go back to their normal routine.  The night the diplomat was passing through, the older vampire disappeared, leaving Rhodri to get some pamphlets printed up.

The boy got lost in his work, nearly working until sunrise.  Scrambling to get back in the dark, Rhodri panicked slightly as Merfyn was still missing.  There was a scream from outside, and a loud snap.  Avoiding the beginning curlicues of dangerous sunlight, Rhodri peeked out of the window and saw a dizzying sight…a mangled body of a well dressed diplomat and the boy's mentor standing in the sunlight, his skin burning as the early rays of light hit his body.  Rhodri was terrified…anyone who saw Merfyn burn would be suspicious of something, and the boy was right in the line of fire.

That night, Rhodri left the town, putting as much distance between him and the town as possible.  After Merfyn's stunt, Rhodri knew he couldn't risk himself being discovered.  Unsure of what he could do, the boy continued to travel, spending no more than ten years in one place as a printer, just as he had been taught.  But the world was changing, and soon after losing Merfyn, Rhodri realized he had no place in the world as his skills became obsolete.  After finding himself in Oxford, England, the boy decided he'd enroll in the college, taking only night classes and earning his first degree.

Years passed, and Rhodri became more and more conscious of what he could do and not do.  In was in Vienna, Austria, 1889, that everything changed.  The boy met someone in a pub, a sixteen year old whose parents owned the establishment.  That was when something new happened to Rhodri…he became romantically interested in the boy, Engel.  And after some time, the two began a taboo and clandestine couple.  Even with his secret, Rhodri had never been happier.  It wasn't like he could see Engel during the days anyway.  When the vampire knew he couldn't keep his secret any longer, he daringly told his love what he was.  Whatever he had expected, it wasn't the fierce acceptance that Engel showed, the mortal not caring about any of it.  He even asked Rhodri make him into a vampire as well so they could remain together.  It was something that would have happened, if Engel's parents hadn't stepped into his life.

Deciding they wanted their son to have a proper education, they decided to send him to boarding school.  Not even a week later, Rhodri and Engel were forced to say goodbye, the barkeeper's son sent away.  Rhodri was stricken by grief, fleeing the town that night.  That was when he trained himself to stop caring…or at least showing that he cared.  The eternal sixteen year old moved quickly from place to place, earning high school and college degrees, depending on where he found himself.  With a collection of degrees and a string of meaningless boys and men behind him, Rhodri found himself getting more and more exhausted with his life.  There were so many times he wanted to throw the towel in…go the way of Merfyn, or whatever it took.

In the 1960's, Rhodri heard about a new movement in the United States- a "sexual revolution".  Intrigued and ready to say goodbye to Europe, the vampire traveled across the ocean, finding some sort of place amongst the hippies.  As the decades went on, Rhodri decided he was okay staying there, bouncing from school to school…and still searching for a degree of happiness, instead of just settling into his immortality.

After centuries of being alive (in a sense), Rhodri has come to the conclusion that it's better not to care…or at least pretend he doesn't.  So long and so many losses have left the boy bitter and not very personable.  Possibly the vampire's biggest secret, aside from his immortal status, is that he actually does care…and a lot.  At times, anyway.  Rhodri is completely moody, having times where he can be friendly and upbeat, but more times being angsty and withdrawn from those around him.  He doesn't ever want to go throughly a loss like Merfyn or Engel.  At this point in his existence, Rhodri is mostly okay with what he's been doing.

Of course, there are some things that come after 500 years of being sixteen, losing people, traveling, and all other defenses Rhodri has put up.  There are some things that the boy has developed to keep himself from getting attached, as well as make sure others don't form attachments to him.  He spends a lot of time wallowing in stoicism, the first line of attack.  The vampire's quiet danger hits on the stoic level, as well as a general sense of danger that people can feel, even if they don't know why they feel it.  If someone can get through this first tough outer skin of Rhodri's, they shouldn't gloat too much.

People who get a bit closer to Rhodri will next find his no-nonsense attitude.  It's another means of keeping people out, trying to appear like he's too firm and matter of fact.  He tries really hard to make it clear that he won't take anything from anyone, and dealing with most people is "above" him.  Most people don't know anything about Rhodri, and he prefers to keep it that way…especially in the modern world.  If people attempt to get to some of his secrets, the vampire will quickly shoot them down, in hopes that he hurts them enough that they don't attempt to figure out his secrets again.

Rhodri's final defense is his brutal honesty.  If people do get close enough, the immortal will always push them away in time with his biting words.  This really only happens when he allows someone in but wants to get rid of them soon after.  Over the centuries, Rhodri has met other creatures- witches, vampires, shapeshifters…occasionally he'll let some of them see his more sensitive and emotional side, but in the end, the vampire prefers to keep them at arm's length anyway.  Part of this, however, is to keep anyone from getting too hurt by him…especially if it's someone Rhodri has actually sort of come to like.

Even though he rarely wants to let someone in, Rhodri usually maintains some sort of hope.  Even if it's no more than a little pulsing in his chest, the vampire likes to think that someday he'll be okay…with himself, and with those around him.  It's been a long road of self-loathing, and Rhodri sort of feels like he'll be able to, metaphorically, rest easier once he finds people he can trust and love.  It's not much, but it's something that keeps the boy going at some of the worst of times.

Rhodri's looks have a timeless feel, which makes sense when it's realized he's been around for over 500 years.  As with most people born in his time, the boy is short, only about 5'4" tall.  He's got a pretty normal build, not too skinny or heavy, but normal enough to fill out his frame and height.  Rhodri prefers to dress simply, since he really just wants to blend in as much as he can, and clothing has changed so much in the time he's been alive.

Unfortunately, not everything about Rhodri can be muted like his clothing can.  The boy has curly black hair, cut close enough to look like a basic haircut but still shows off his curls.  It's something he's able to hang onto from his mortal days that he likes.  The other thing is his eyes- they're a striking blue.  They're not overly bright, but noticeably gorgeous.  Most of the time Rhodri looks very serious and grave, but his eyes can often betray small amounts of emotion.

Something Rhodri hates about his looks is something that came uniquely with becoming a vampire.  When it's been a longer time without feeding, the boy adapts a sickly paleness, looking a bit more hollow with a waxy complexion.  When he's fed recently, Rhodri has a bit more color, but never too rosy, unless it's a rare very fulling feed.

RP Sample:
(Second character).
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Brilliant charrie sheet! Accepted! It's going to be great having Rhodri around Smile

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