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Post  Rhodri Yates on Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:16 am

Rhodri Yates
Rhodri Yates & Ivy Hudgens Plotpage_zps331f1a34
16 (in appearance), about 500 (in years) || Gay || Single

Short Character Description:
Rhodri is a 500 year old vampire, stuck looking sixteen forever.  Centuries of seeing far too much for someone too young, being alone, and dealing pretty poorly with things in general have left him stony and mostly wanting to shut people out.  It’s very difficult to get past Rhodri’s defenses, especially with his general attitude.  Nonetheless, there are parts of him that crave some sorts of companionship.  He’s trying out Masquerade because of the loneliness and needing some degree of social, even if he doesn’t want that to show.

Desired plots:
- Friends/confidants...if Rhodri makes a friend, it needs to be someone he can trust with his deepest secrets (vampire, history, etc).  He won’t do anything half assed, and this is something he (and me) will be super judgmental about.
- Enemies...Rhodri has a very abrasive personality, and he’s definitely bound to rub some people the wrong way.  There’s some stuff in the works, but this will be a big start for potential other types of relationships.
- Romance...so this is something further down the line, but should be started now.  It’s like friendship only deeper and more intense.  Rhodri is gay, and currently a bit of a man whore, so it’ll take someone special to pull him out of that.

Anything else?
I am a relatively long poster.  I don’t care about post matching, just that you give me something firm to work with.
Ivy Hudgens
Rhodri Yates & Ivy Hudgens Plotpage_zps46c47561
16 || Pansexual || Single

Short Character Description:
Ivy is a good example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  While on the surface she seems very nice and gentle, she is mostly a stereotypical fiery redhead.  As much as she tries to keep her emotions in check, the girl loses control quite a bit...and as a witch with elemental powers as a speciality, losing control is a very bad thing.  Of course, this isn’t to say she isn’t a good person, because she is, just that she’s not really one to be crossed.  Ivy loves all the arts, but never make her put anything before her rituals as a witch...they will always come first.

Desired plots:
- Friends...Ivy can be very antisocial, though most of the time she enjoys the presence of others.  Sometimes she’s not the best with people, but that doesn’t mean she prefers to be alone.
- Other witches/humans with powers...this is definitely where Ivy feels loneliest, as she has never met anyone like her.  If there are any floating around, this would be excellent.
- Romance...Ivy is pansexual, which means she looks past things like gender and sex.  If she’s romantically interested, there’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason to it, just that she’s interested.  So male, female, sexuality, anything, I’d be interested to look at the possibility.

Anything else?
See Rhodri’s note!
Rhodri Yates
Rhodri Yates

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