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Isaak Lindstrom

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The Basics:
Isaak Lindstrom

Lythari/Moon Elf Hybrid
The Other Stuff:
Once upon a time, A Male Lythari stumbled into a coven of moon elves living on Hedeby Island, Sweden; damaged heavily because of enemies. They agreed to take care of him, since the Lythari are distantly related to elves. It was there that he met a female Moon Elf, and in a fling of passion, she bore a child to him. That Child was Isaak Lindstrom.

Isaak father left one day, and he just never came back. His ravenhaired mother knew that he had been killed, strong was the connection between them. So Isaak grew up without his Lythari father to show him how to ‘change’. Isaak grew up extremely introverted, spending his time more in solitary than even elves were. He learned his elven abilities from his mother quite well, his were even stronger. Partly because it was enhanced by Lythari blood and partly because his mother was a strong healer. So He honed his skills, but it pained him to Change, his body took to his lean elf structure too much to go through the transformation into wolf form. So he just didn’t do it.

But all was not well with the modern elven clan. The Elder, he was killed mysteriously, and the blame was put on the troubled boy lythari elf, who detested the old elf greatly. The Next in line, the Elder’s Nephew, was mean and shrewd, and wanted Isaak out of the clan for ‘killing Elder’. Isaak hadn’t kiled him, in fact, he knew that the new Elder had done off with the old one, so great his need for power was. The Island was small, and no one knew that the new elder had infact drowned the other on a pier, and shoved him out to sea. But Isaak had seen him do it, but before he could call out the Elder on it, they banished him from their small coven.

He couldn’t tell the world, they’d think him crazy. He’d already masked his pointed ears and cut his long hair. No longer was he a part of ‘that freak cult on Hedeby Island’. He was an orphan. Put into the Swedish database as an immigrant from Finland, his fake papers put him in the system as an orphan. It was there that he got a letter. Only a week after replying a rep from the school whisked him off to the academy.
((I know it sucks but really, I have no muse))

Isaak is very quiet, and prefers solitude over his pack mentality. He has a quick temper, but is forgiving. He carries grudges like no other, and is extremely intelligent for someone his age. He likes to think himself too bad for friends because he doesn’t really know how to act socially, being amongst his own all of these years and then being an orphan. Everyone stayed clear of him. If someone manages to crack his shell, he becomes friendly, loyal and trusting.

Isaak was born looking like his father. Tan skin with dark thick hair and mysterious black eyes. His eyes have silver flints in them; the eyes of a cross-breed. He has the mark that all Lythari carry, a series of two darken spots behind his ear. He has the lean build of an elf, tall with broad shoulders and rippling muscles. He stands at 5’11 and makes no attempt to cover his pointed ears at the school. He only wears monochromatic clothes, and colorful converse add the only color to his wardrobe. He wears black plugs in his earlobes, and a checkered bandanna around his neck in the off time. In wolf form he has a jet black coat, with silver lining the fringes. He is large for a lythari, and one ear never stands up.
RP Sample:
Isaak stepped out into the sun-laden yard....of someone else’s back yard. A yard is a yard, and someone needs to use it. He thought as he walked across the grass bare foot, clad in only board shorts and a wet t-shirt. Brushing thick black hair out of his eyes, he jumped in the next pool, a in-ground complete with jets and temperature control. It wasn’t the chilly banks of Sweden, but it would have to do, because Isaak had yearned to swim so bad he ached. Something pulsing deep in his shoulder-blades urged him to do some powerful back-strokes around the pool.

He wasn’t worried about getting caught, he had watched this house himself. Everyone was gone on a vacation to France, and they wouldn’t be home for the rest of the week. The Neighbors were gone too. But, like Isaak always did, he came at midnight and didn’t splash a whole lot. Some quiet swimming with his huge lungs made it so he could practically breathe underwater... He coughed, and the overly chlorinated water filled his lungs. Coughing and sputtering loudly he shot up to the surface, and clamored out of the poor, and into the woods and several house lights on the other side of the road flickered to life.

Staggering next to some trees, he heard the rustling of mere humans with his great ears and took evasive, but painful action. Managing to get the water out of his lungs, Isaak clutched the ground as he tapped his Lythari side, and ‘changed’.
He opened his eyes to a tree stump, and rose to stand on all four legs. Licking a paw with his snout, he shook his body a bit and unclenched his jaw. It was always painful, ‘changing’. But it was necessary to evade being caught. Shaking raven coloured hair out, he took off at a fast pace through the woods, and into a small clearing one mile from the pool. Only panting slightly, he went next to the old white oak at the far side, and slumped against it. Too tired from the run to stay awake during the transformation back. As soon as his bone structure began to morph, Isaak blacked out, with a small, sad smile on his face as his mind slipped into oblivion.

((Okay, I know this whole character sheet stinks, but I wanted to get what little of my muse I have left to work on it, and it already died out, so please bare with me.))
Isaak Lindstrom

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XD It doesn't stink...
And Accepted! ^_^ Welcome to the site and Happy RPing..I shall add the sheet to your profile in the morning...^_^
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