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Post  Akage Valerian on Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:38 am

The Basics:
First or second character?: First
Name: Akage Valerian

Age: 16

Birthday: April 21st

Species: Human

The Other Stuff:
History: Akage was born in a small town in New Hampshire, to her parents along with three other siblings over the years. Akage is the middle child. ever since she was a child, she has presented herself interested in literature and fine arts, and her skills were far greater than those of most children. Because of her high intellect and disinterest in social affairs, Akage was treated poorly at school, something that fueled her passion for the arts more, as her feelings were vented into her work. Akage’s first official novel,an Entirely Autonomous Idealogist, a romance novel, sold well.

Personality: Akage is soft spoken and shy, her main interests revolving around art or painting. She goes wherever it is quiet, which is often a library or an open field, where she can write or paint in solitude. Akage can definitely be described as a dreamer, her thoughts absorbed by imaginary worlds she reads about. Akage is very naive and juvenile in spirit, but tends to come off as overly sophisticated through her diction. Akage has very low self esteem and is not much of a people person.

Appearance: Akage's hair is cropped above her shoulders, thinning out into the wispy beginnings of curls. Her bangs end at the height of her glasses, the top of her frame. Akage wears black thick rimmed glasses. Her cherry red hair is often seen down or in a small ponytail. Her outfit is usually a long pastel sweater or turtleneck with with sandals, TOMS, or converse.H

RP Sample:It would be an outright lie to say that Aurora did not miss her home country of Sweden. She missed the security and comfort that tagged along with residing in a mansion. Even just speaking Swedish was solace to the platinum-haired juvenile. It reminded her strongly of home, a normalcy more pronounced than reading across some paperwork printed in Swedish, although it was nice it wasn’t printed in English or even worse, Mandarin. Aurora’s English was queer at best, preferring a more formal approach to the language rather than incorporating modern terms and slang into her dialogue, unconventional to the typical dialect of her age group. Aurora had heard enough ear-splitting “Yo’s” to where halving her skull with a roughly sharpened rock might have been preferable. It was typical for Aurora to sound haughty or self-centered, no matter what she said. Perhaps it was the overuse of ‘peasant’ as a name for just about everyone, save for maybe her acquaintances.

“I’m not sure what you’d expect of me, to find the heads of all these peasants impaled over roasting sticks at the campfire”, Aurora sniggered, as her fingers drummed in a rythm across the scarlet handles of her scissors. Scissors were pretty unorthodox for fighting use, even for a summer camp tailored to demigods. Aurora had grown fond of them soon, a mask over the problems her limited vision presented her with on a daily basis.

Aurora shuddered at the mention of flying. As of now, her intentions were to stay secure and earthbound. The thought of gliding across the vast cerise skies on a flying farm animal held no appeal to the juvenile Swede

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Post  Lucien Davis on Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:03 am

Accepted! Welcome to Masquerade and happy RPing! Smile

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