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Warmest Welcome? [ Open] Empty Warmest Welcome? [ Open]

Post  Akage Valerian on Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:01 am

The small fingers of the redhead brushed a wispy piece of bang from it's nesting place below the rim of her thick rimmed glasses. The pale-skinned girl had not much hair, the majority sliced at her shoulders, wisping down into loose waves, clean and free of any ornaments. She had always thought of her hair as a fresh strawberry, considering that was her favorite scent of shampoo as well as her bright red colored locks. Her fragrance wasn't overwhelming, but fresh and floral, with a slight smell of paper. Akage was the finest example of a bibliophile, a book or journal clutched under her relatively small hands for most of the day. Her fingers were slightly stained with a pale rose dusting of chalk pastels, mildly synchronizing with her vibrant fuchsia nails.
In her grasp, was a duffel bag of canvas, which was packed with alot of her stuff, mostly sketchbooks, journals, and books. There were all sorts of books, one for just about every genre to exist. Akage was particularly fond of romance and poetry, and it wasn't uncommon for her to be writing her own. In fact, Akage had began her third novel already, or at least an outline of what it was to be. A schoolyard romance between two mortal enemies. It was such a cliche, but Akage was determined to add her own twist to the done to death tale. Writing and illustrations were her forte. As insecure as she was, she had a feeling she could throw out something great.

Picking up her leisurely pace, Akage entered through the main doors of the school, Masquerade, a school for the arts. Maybe this was where she was to fit in, unlike the rest of the public schools she attended. Fitting in wasn’t exactly Akage's forte. She was more of the bookish type, her nose stuck into a book or her fingers locked over a pen. While she was a nerd, she never thought of herself as rude or off putting. Maybe it was just how ordinary she was that repelled people from her. What was there to wonder about the shy, middle-class writer girl from New Hampshire. Akage tended to have her own ‘invisibility cloak’ around her, most of the time she just slipped under the radar.

“I-Is anyone here?”, Akage pondered, looking down the hallways, her pastel TOMS, making light footsteps against the ground. The length of Akage’s sweater was almost enough to cover her palms entirely, the young teens curled fingers clutching on to the soft white fabrics.

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Warmest Welcome? [ Open] Empty Re: Warmest Welcome? [ Open]

Post  Alice Kirkland on Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:53 am

Alice looked up. It looked as though a new student was here. The girl seemed nice, quiet, and likely to think her sane. She didn't say anything, though; she just kept reading a book titled "Everyone Thinks I'm Insane Because I'm Doing My Job". Finally, she stood up and walked towards the girl.
"Hi. You seem like you're new here," she said, pushing her own glasses up the bridge of her nose. "So, I guess I should welcome you...ah...hi." Alice covered her mouth at the last part. "I mean, hello. I'm Alice. Nice to meet you." Alice turned away, her head screaming, 'YOU CALL THAT A WELCOME?!'
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