Trystan Powell [PG-13ish]

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Trystan Powell [PG-13ish]

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The Basics:
First or second character?:
Second (Chance Dunway)

Name: Relictus/Trystan Thomas Powell

Age: 20

Birthday: August 14th

Species: Half angel, half demon.

The Other Stuff:
For millennia, an unseen war has been waged between the warriors of Heaven and the agents of Hell. But every war must come to an end, even one that has been fought since the dawn of time. Some thought that the only way to end the war was to bring together the two sides under the leadership of a single being, born of both damned and divine blood.

Two warriors, an angel known as Zerach and a demon known as Vale, hatched a plan to bring such a being into the world and raise him to be the savior they both so desperately sought. Created by fusing together demonic and angelic energies, a child was placed into the womb of a moral woman until he was ready to be born. Unfortunately, a vessel that ordinary is not meant to carry something of such immense power. The woman who carried the child to term died in childbirth, her mortal body ill-equipped to handle the combined powers of Heaven and Hell.

The child himself survived. His fathers hid the child away in the mortal world. Their plan was to wait until he was mature enough to stop the fighting and unite the forces of light and darkness, but such an event would never occur. When both sides caught wind of the plan, the two progenitors were executed. Neither side would accept a savior tainted by the other. Following the executions of Zerach and Vale, both sides put out announcements that anyone discovered helping the child would be executed, just like the traitors who had created it.

The commanders of the divine and damned armies branded the child Relictus; the Forsaken Child, and forbade anyone from ever having contact with him, hoping that he would soon die with no one to care for him.

That left the infant Relictus alone and abandoned in the mortal world; a lone and sickly infant crying out for the only comfort he’d ever known. Such a child probably would have died if not for the fortunate coincidence of a married couple who happened along the child’s hiding place one night and heard his crying.

Marianne and William Powell were a couple closer to over the hill than not, and had already raised two children of their own when they found a crying infant abandoned in an alley one night. Knowing they couldn’t just leave the child there to die, they took him home and adopted him, christening him Trystan Thomas Powell, after his adopted grandfathers.

Trystan was raised human, blissfully unaware of his heritage or the trials that had been faced in creating him. As such, he never learned of the abilities he would grow to possess, or how to access them. Instead, Trystan thought he was just as human as his parents and siblings, not even privy to the fact that he’d been found abandoned and adopted. Marianne and William had made sure that every facet of Trystan’s history known to them had been hidden from the boy to make his life just a little easier.

As a young child, Trystan was always weak and sickly, though no doctor could ever find the cause for his ailments. That was because no doctor was ever looking in the right place. The two energies that had created Trystan were warring within him, creating on a miniature scale a replica of the war he had been sired to stop. The opposing energies were so strong that they were actually destroying the boy from the inside out.

Because he spent most of his early life bed ridden, Trystan became a very well read little boy. Books became his best friends, creating for him the companionship he was missing with other children his age. Trystan’s favorites were books of poetry, because he always found it impressive that poets were able to convey so much emotion in so few words. His favorites quickly became the works of Poe and Frost, morbid as they may be.

As the years passed, Trystan gained enough strength to leave his room regularly as his body became more adapted to the energies warring inside him, but they still threatened to rip him apart at the seams. Even though Trystan now had the opportunity to make friends, he was still socially behind the curve, and so found solace in the very thing that had kept him company as a young, sickly child: poetry.

Trystan wasn’t convinced his poetry was all that good, but apparently someone was, because he got an offer to continue his education at a place called Masquerade. He was initially hesitant to go, but his parents thought it would be a good idea; that it would help him make some friends instead of being locked up in his room, reading and writing poetry all the time.

And so, Trystan was packed up and shipped off to Masquerade, unaware of the world that lurked just beyond the one he could see, or his part in such a world.

Trystan is, in a word, shy. Spending most of his developmental years bedridden with sickness made him socially delayed, and he still has trouble connecting with people. Instead of actual one-on-one contact, Trystan prefers to try to speak to people through his poetry. He can hide behind his words, instead of being forced to confront someone face-to-face. When Trystan is forced to talk to people, he’s very quiet, and has a tendency to stutter. He’s a bit of a doormat, and won’t ever stop someone to get a word in edgewise. Trystan is very much a yes-man, sometimes to the point of running himself ragged, but even though he knows he shouldn’t do something, he can’t help himself.

Trystan’s dirty blonde hair is longer than he’d like, but he keeps forgetting to have it cut, so he brushes it back. Sometimes, though, it likes to fall over his stormy grey eyes, which annoys him to no end. He likes to keep his soft, round face clean shaven, but sometimes he forgets to do that and a smattering of blonde stubble will appear.

His body type is small and lanky, underdeveloped from the years he spent ill, but that didn’t stop him from shooting up like a tree at puberty. Trystan stands at an imposing 6’2, but that’s really about the only imposing thing about him. His clothing style is simple: generally a pair of jeans and a tshirt. He never dresses very extravagantly, preferring to blend into the crowd.

RP Sample: (Second Character)

Trystan Powell

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Re: Trystan Powell [PG-13ish]

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Love the charrie sheet! Accepted! I look forwards to RPing with Trystan at some point Smile

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