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Post  Sakura Tsukino on Wed Mar 25, 2015 3:23 pm

Sakura Tsukino
(No portrayer yet, but applied for Keiko Kitagawa)
17 || Bisexual || Single
Moon Elf

Short Character Description:
Though she considers herself a human at heart, Sakura is your typical moon elf—impulsive, curious and full of wanderlust. Sakura believes that exploration and experimentation are the reasons she is alive. This means that, though she is generally well-meaning, sometimes the moon elf can come off as a bit of a flighty troublemaker. Sakura, however, is more of a daydreamer than anything else. She longs for worlds she can't enter, and when she's fulfilled a dream she will just keep on making new ones. To most people, this can come off as being indecisive, but for Sakura it is merely being open-minded. Of course, though this is very useful in creative pursuits, this said 'open-mindedness' can result in Sakura unknowingly hurting other people, by making deep connections with people only to leave them when she feels she has reached her 'connection and commitment limit'. Despite her detached nature, though, Sakura never forgets the people she has connected with.
+ spontaneous, sensitive, passionate
- moody, aloof, unforgiving

Desired plots:
~ I'd like for Sakura to find the first actual person who she won't want to leave. It's always been easy for Sakura to let go of people, so I want her to experience how it's like to actually love someone so deeply. It doesn't matter if this is a platonic or romantic love—what matters is that there will be something about this person that will make Sakura hold on.
~ Random flirtations would be cool. Hoping for such plots before the above plot happens.
~ If there are any evil/dark characters out there, I think I'd like to have a plot in which Sakura becomes cynical and borderline evil for quite a while. Or, if not that, I'd like to plot a toxic friendship , something that would make Sakura really question herself.

Anything else?
~ My word count is usually 800+ words, but I don't usually care about post matching and I can adjust if you're a short poster. I've got difficulties with doing RPs below 200 words, though. 

~ I was guilty of this before, and I know this might sound quite a bit demanding, but I'd like to request for my character to not be called 'the Asian', as in, 'The Asian girl rolled her eyes and sighed.' I mean, her being Asian can be pointed out and all, but it shouldn't be her sole signifier. Besides, it's not bad writing to keep using a character's name when referring to them. Authors do it, and it's more fluid than using epithets. Thank you. Smile

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