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Arriane is...well...Arriane. She’s loud and inconsiderate. She loves showing off. But she can also be nice and fun to be around. She’s a prankster by nature and can be very dramatic with the things she does. She judges people a lot, even though she knows she shouldn’t, but hates been judged herself. Ari isn’t that much of a fighter, but will stand her ground in an argument, especially if it’s an unfair accusation. She isn’t all that picky about who she talks to and isn’t very good at holding grudges. Though she talks to everyone and appears as though she has a lot of friends she is pretty insecure and finds it hard to trust people. She’ll put barriers up around herself when she thinks she is putting too much trust in someone. She hates having things hidden from her and tends to go out of her way to find out what’s going on.
History :
Arriane always loved drama, just not the bad kind. The kind that ruined families and relationships. She was born on the 8th of April 1994. Born on the stroke of midnight to be exact (midnight of the 7th) to two vampire parents. Her parents had apparently been madly in love at some point. Of course all that changed as she got older. Her parents were Vampire royalty, ruling over most of the covens in England. As she grew up Ari was spoilt rotten, but she usually got these things after witnessing arguments between her parents, which was a lot. They didn’t like her seeing them arguing, and didn’t like seeing her upset. But really it was more of a bribe. If the other vampires got wind of the instability in the family they might have tried to overpower them. Ari had started noticing the cracks in her perfect life as she grew up. The arguing and hushed tones were only the beginning. Her parents always seemed so nervous, so tense. So scared and yet so angry. So, so angry. When Ari entered the rooms they were in they went silent, and pasted happy smiles on their faces but it never reached their eyes. When Arriane was 9 she started noticing the bruises on her mother, but she never really understood what was happening. She just thought that mummy had fallen over. Of course that wasn’t the truth as Ari found out when she was 11. Her parents had been up all night arguing, they were yelling so loud that Ari could hear them. She didn’t understand what they were arguing about though. Ari slowly crept down the stairs, careful not to make a sound. She reached the living room where her parents were stood not 4 inches apart. They didn’t notice Ari stood watching through the crack in the doorway, if anything they got louder. Then they stopped Arguing. Ari’s dad had raised his hand and Ari thought he was going to touch her mums face and apologize. But instead he slapped her hard. Ari couldn’t control herself. Fury filled her and she ran at her father, attacking him in whatever way she could. She bit and scratched and punched and slapped. Eventually Ari found herself standing over her father, a knife in hand its blade along his throat. “ are going to leave now. You will never ever come back and if you ever try and hit my mother again you will die. Do you understand?” Her father nodded at her, his eyes wide but he didn’t speak. “I said do you understand? Answer me!” She yelled at him, if there was one thing she had learnt as a royal it was how to give orders. And this was an order. “Yes...I understand.” “Good. Now you will go upstairs and get your clothes and leave. And just your clothes. No other possessions. You will leave and never ever come back.” Ari got off of him, walking back over to her mother. She put an arm around her and watched as her father left. She didn’t know how she had got so much power at her age, but she was royalty it was hereditary. Three weeks later on the first of September Ari woke up to see a letter on her pillow. It was addressed to her and she tore into it. It turned out to be an invitation to Masquerade, the performing arts school. She decided she needed a fresh start and packed up her things. She knew her mother would be fine now and after a quick conversation with her about it her mother agreed that Ari should go. Ari has been at Masquerade ever since, returning to her home in the summer and winter holidays.
Appearance :
Ari has long wavy blonde hair that she leaves down unless she is dancing or doing something that might cause her hair to get in her way. Her eyes are Bright blue but sometimes look as though they have golden specks in them. Ari, like most vampires, has pale skin but it’s not unusually pale like some. She barely tans, tending to burn more than anything. Arriane will sometimes have something unusual about her appearance because she likes to be different to other people. She'll wear brightly coloured eyeliner or does something to her clothes that makes her stand out to other people. Ari loves drama and the performing arts but she also loves to draw, she’ll normally have a drawing pad and a book on hand, drawing what she imagines the characters in the book would actually look like. She doesn’t have many scars and the ones she does have aren’t all that visible any more, most of them have faded with time. The only truly visible one is a small moon shaped scar that she hides under her fringe. She got the scar when falling and hitting her head on a circular table when she was younger. Ari isn’t tall but she’s not too small either. She is 5 foot 3 inches.
Arriane Ravenwood

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