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Vampire/Fairy half breed
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Draydinn is a rather mellow person. He is very indecisive and uncaring. He is rather cold, and hates most people on sight. More than other people though, he hates himself. He has a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, and loves to make fun of other people. Even though he never really had a friend, he usually knows how to act in most social situations. If he were to become close to anyone, they would find out that he does have a sweet and trusting side, despite the fact that Draydinn tries his hardest to hide it.
History :
Before Draydinn was born, his mother was roaming around a forest one night and ran into a rather friendly fairy. Somehow he managed to get her preggers. So Draydinn's mother stayed in the forest, drinking the blood of animals to get by until she gave birth to her child. Although, after the birth of his child, Draydinn's father left his mother to go make 'friends' with the other fairies in their section of the forest. Being half fairy and half vampire, Draydinn never really had a normal life. He was disowned by his womanizing father when he found out that he was gay, but that didn't matter much to Draydinn because his dad wasn't around much anyway. His fairy father was always leaving his wife and going back into the woods with his like. Draydinn wasn't super close with his mom either. Despite her efforts to teach him about his vampire ancestry and his fairy ancestry, he never really cared much. The only thing he ever really got from his mother was her lessons on how to properly drink blood from someone's neck and how to sleep in a coffin, even though he didn't really have to due to his fairy blood. One night his mother awoke from her vampire slumber. She was just about to go out and feed on the random homeless camp downtown when she saw Draydinn still up. She told him that he didn't have to go to school tomorrow. Draydinn didn't really care. He didn't really have anyone at school he was close too. He just tried his hardest to blend into the back-ground, despite the fact that girls followed him where-ever he went. Then his mom told him that someone would be here to pick him up in the morning. Now he was confused. Pick him up in the morning? What on earth was his mother talking about? "You're going to Masquerade. I sent in your paperwork. I figured this will be good for you. Mommy has to go somewhere anyway, and she won't be back for a while, so you need somewhere to go. Now don't you worry about me, I'll be fine. You just go have fun and try to make some new friends okay darling?" His mother then wisked away into the night crying, and never showed back up at their home. The next morning, a car arrived for Draydinn, and he got in, heading into his next chapter in life. Heading into mystery.
Appearance :
Thanks to his mother's vampire blood and his father's fairy blood, Draydinn is both unusually attractive and pale. Luckily Draydinn didn't get his father's fairy wings. He stands at about 5'7" (thanks to his father). Where-ever Draydinn goes, girls swear up and down that they can see small sparkles following him (almost like fairy dust or something), and that when he smiles, they see fangs. Although no one else believes them. They think its their sick puppy-love or a trick of the eye. Draydinn has shoulder length black emo hair, and bright ice blue eyes. He has two snake bites that he got when he was 14 that he rarely takes out. On a typical day, Draydinn enjoys wearing t-shirts, skinny jeans, and high tops.
Draydinn Saxe