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Lucien is a bit.... complicated. His moods come and go, so sometimes he'll be a really nice guy, and other times he can seem to be a total douche. Luckily, the nice guy is usually how he is. However, he has his opinions and sticks to them, and if he gets the chance to be a smart ass, he will be. He can't stand bullies, and loves to make friends, though sometimes he enjoys making enemies, something he wouldn't admit to. After all, life would be too boring if you got on with everyone, and if you're immortal, it's not like someone can kill you, right? As well, while he likes to be nice, he can sometimes be blunt and tell people how it is. He also happens to be very sarcastic at times. While he enjoys the arts, Lucien has a passion for music, especially when it comes to playing the guitar. Sexuality-wise, Lucien is straight, though he is curious, and would more likely than not try out a gay relationship. If he gets bored, he will zone out, and sometimes even fall asleep. He doesn't rush, because he literally does have all the time in the world. To him, any experience is a good one, because you can learn from it.
History :
Lucien lived a normal life. He grew up with a normal family, went to a normal school, and had normal(ish) friends. This all changed when he was out one night. He was on his way home from been at a friend's house, and it seemed like someone took a disliking to him. This person tried to mug Lucien, who wasn't having any of it and fought back. Lucien learnt the hard way that muggers usually carry a weapon on them when he noticed the knife sticking out from between his ribs. His brain didn't really have time to register this before he died, the knife that was stuck in his heart been removed as the mugger stole his wallet and took the knife with him. During the darkness, Lucien felt like he was... somewhere else. He saw a world full of demons and devils, hearing screams of pain from evil doers been tortured. He also saw a bright light that he wished would dim down, or that at least some random person would give him some sunglasses. He was dead, which was bad enough as it was. He didn't want to go through the afterlife blind too. However, as he made his way towards the light, Lucien felt a slight pull, to somewhere halfway between the good place and the bad. Limbo, he guessed it was. When he arrived, however, he met some receptionist type person who told him that he didn't belong in any of the three places, and was to be sent back to Earth. He was told to take a seat and wait til this matter was cleared up, something that annoyed him, but he couldn't do much about. A while later (Lucien couldn't tell how long... time was weird in this place), a man that seemed to be the receptionist's manager came over to talk to him. He was told that he was in fact Immortal, and shouldn't have died from been stabbed. It was probably something to do with his body not been fully developed, or maybe it was something he'd eaten recently, like cabbage or broccoli that had messed up his not dying. It sometimes happened... Though it wouldn't affect him again. Lucien was given a 'sorry', a pat on the back, then kicked out back into the tunnel to live the rest of his eternal life on Earth. Joy. It turned out that Lucien had been dead for a week, and his body had been buried. While he was dead, his body had also seemed to finally develop as an Immortal's, though it didn't look much different. When he came around, Lucien felt a pain in his back, and wasn't exactly happy at been six feet underground with a ton of dirt piled on top of the wooden box he'd been dumped in. He felt angry, and it punched at the coffin lid, which didn't work very well as there wasn't much room to move in the coffin. Some part of his brain that must have just developed and come into use during his death told him to will the earth to move, and Lucien's body, acting on instinct, did just that. He pushed up at the coffin lid, and it moved up. Sitting up, Lucien was surprised to see that the earth had actually moved. Wondering what the hell the pain in his back was, he turned to look at it and saw that a massive pair of wings had broken through the suit he had been buried in and he'd been laying on top of them. What the hell was he, an angel? No way he'd been that good in his life... Again, the newly developed part of his brain told him something, and again he went along with it. The wings seemed to slide back into his back, which felt as uncomfortable as the cramped space in the coffin had been, but at least they were gone. Lucien climbed out of the coffin and up the dirt, then willed it to move back to how it had been before. As it all fell in, Lucien saw how it would look to other people looking at his grave and shivered. That kind of thing was creepy. He looked around him and ran off. Of course, then he ended up getting bored of the running when he found out it didn't tire him and he was getting nowhere fast. So he did the logical thing and whipped out his wings and started flying. There were many things wrong with all this, not least the fact that he hould be dead, but Lucien only realised that he had nowhere to run (well, fly) to. And he needed a change of clothes. The suit top he was wearing was kind of knackered after the wings sprouted out of his back So he flew into the woods he'd seen from in the air to try and collect his thoughts, which is when he was jumped upon by some elves that also wondered what the hell he was. In the end, they reasoned that like them, he was supernatural and took him with them to get some decent clothes on. At this point, Lucien thought that some sick person had drugged his dead body and he was hallucinating, because elves couldn't really exist. Still, at least they weren't trying to kill him. So he went along with them, got some clothes and then walked off, saying thanks and telling them to watch out on the mushrooms they ate, cos some of them looked dodgy and it would be a waste of mushrooms if the elves didn't get stoned off of them. Yeah, Lucien is kind of weird that way, but hey... it's not like they can kill him. Now the problem was where to go. Lucien dtood by a road pondering this, when a car came by and a letter was chucked out at him, hitting his face and cutting it open. However, the cut healed instantly. After giving the car the fingers and swearing quite loudly and rudely at it, Lucien picked the letter up and opened it. It was inviting him to a school called Masquerade. Laughing at the name of the school, Lucien took it to the nearest post office and filled it in, thankful for the return envelope, which was freepost. The post must have had some supernatural workers there, because within two hours, a car pulled up outside of the park Lucien was relaxing in and asked him to get in as they were there to take him to Masquerade. He was also told that all his money had been transferred into a new bank account so he could use it. This was good news to Lucien... after all, if he was going to live forever, he might as well be rich and get loads of money from the interest. As he got into the car and was driven to the school, he though how weird this new second life was, but still... at least it was fun so far. The only thing that sucked was he had to go back to school.
Appearance :
Lucien has a longish mop of dark hair that comes to just above his shoulders and blue eyes with a weird gold ring around his pupils. He is about 6 feet high, which is quite tall for his age, though age means nothing to him now that he knows he'll live forever. He has a scar right over where his heart is from when he was stabbed. While all this might seem to fit in at the school and not seem too out of the ordinary, he can also sprout wings from his back, which feels uncomfortable when they grow and when they go back in. The wings are a deep black colour, and Lucien is rather pleased with them, though he finds it slightly annoying that there's an uncomfortable feeling, but, well... he'll live. He has control over the elements, and whenever he uses this ability, the gold rings around his pupils flash. He has a slight tan, and is usually seen wearing all black, his favourtie colour. A typical day of what he wears includes a plain black t-shirt, blakc skinny jeans (or sometimes tracksuit bottoms), and his black trainers. He is also sometimes seen carrying his guitar around with him, in case he gets bored and decides to play it.
Lucien Davis
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