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Derek is a good guy, he'll do anything for the very few people he cares deeply for. He can be very quick to snap and to start a fight, and has a deep hated for ignorance and ignorant people. He gets caught up in moments quickly, and loves music more than pretty much everything. When the moon is up high, and his music is playing his thoughts plague him. Thoughts of everything from one day he'll be a great track and field star, to is he the friend everyone secretly hated? Everything. He just loses himself in thought. He is a funny guy, and can cheer almost anyone up when there down.
History :
Derek lived a normal life, because up until a month ago HE WAS NORMAL! He had been bitten and turned one night. He had been running along, getting ready for the Track meet he had the next day. When he had been attacked, he had tried to defend himself, and fight back. He knew it was some kind of animal, and was bitten in the side and arm. Just before the beast killed him, a car had driven by and had hit the beast. After his wounds healed, Derek felt stronger, fast everything was improved. He thought it was amazing, until a full moon arrived, the next morning he found himself a city over covered in blood. That very week he had received a letter about a school. Thinking they could help he set out. That was a month ago.
Appearance :
He has medium length brown hair, that falls to his grey blue eyes. Most people don't notice them at first, but when they do they can never forget his gaze. He stands at five, eight with a decent tan. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade, of the eye of Horus in red ink. He had always just loves that sign, and because he knew his step dad hated tattoo's, got it. He has three claw marks on his chest, and a huge bite mark on his right arm and side. Given to him by that stupid werewolf. He almost always wears T-shirts, or his highschool track sweatshirt, and jeans. Or running gear, that was just about it.
Derek Radke