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Olivia's last name signifies that she is of the bloodline Oberon, not Tatiana, and it definetly shows. She is just as tricky and sly as the rest of her family, and refuses to let a good joke alone. In fact, she always jumps into them feet-first, relying on her magic to get her out if things get tough. When in trouble, her fire does not fail, and more often than not ends up annoying her enemies to stun. However, unlike most of her family, Olivia does have a touch of Tatiana in her. She is quiet when by herself, and has a desprate need for nature at all times. She likes to make up stories in her head, most of them sweet and romantic, if a bit outlandish.
History :
Olivia was born into a large family of Sidhe, the Wild Fae of Ireland. With many, many siblings, cousins and distant family, Olivia was never devoid of entertainment. She wasn't treated any diffrently than any other Fae child, and she grew up much like the others. She was practically raised in the fields, learning basic magic, the rudiments of which can take centuries to learn. She grew especially attached to them over the years, and had started to grow a few vegetables, contributing to her family's cover as mere 'farmers'. Her weakness, however was mortal books. Though the varied reactions and portrayal irked her, the fancy words and clever imaginations always had no end of entertainment for her. She would often dart around the fields, acting out the stories for herself. It soon became her dream to see her own stories played out in front of her eyes.
Appearance :
Olivia is a small, short girl, standing about 5'2" and weighing about 115 pounds. Her skin is almost marble-pale, except for the freckles scattered behind her ears and on her shoulders. Her hair is firey red and it falls around her shoulders in gentle barrell curls. Her eyes are a clear blue. She wears little makeup, and hates shoes. She likes to wear skirts that flow easily. She has small scars on her right ear and left wrist. And... she... does...not...have...wings!
Olivia Oberon