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Somewhere between Hogwarts and Camp Half Blood
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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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Ivy is just as fiery as her red hair. She's rebellious, gets angry, and is overall a mess of emotions. Most of the time, she'll just try to get in your face about things, but sometimes Ivy can be really kind and considerate. Of course, those are the moments she tries to hide, because Ivy considers too much kindness to be a weakness, and the girl hates showing too much weakness. If you dig past the layers of rebelliousness, though, you'd really just find a very vulnerable little girl who didn't have the easiest time growing up. Ivy is a bit of a threat to those she doesn't like, because she's developed her powers so finely that it's easy for her to wreak havoc on someone.
History :
Ivy grew up in a semi-normal household, with both her parents being strict Catholics, and a younger brother who followed them. But Ivy never liked the religion, and rebelled against it as soon as she was old enough to, around age 9. She would do things like refusing to go to church, pretending she was too sick to, or just overall skipping. Despite this, Ivy still wanted to find religion somehow, because she felt she was missing something in her life, and that was it. When she was thirteen, Ivy was walking home from a friend's house one day when she found a book on Wicca just sitting on the sidewalk. When she picked it up, the girl felt shivers go down her spine and knew that she had finally found her religion. Ivy put the book in her bag and when she got home, she started to study the book. Everything suddenly seemed right, and Ivy couldn't be torn from the book for the next few days. She would sleep with it under her pillow so her parents wouldn't catch her doing anything against their religion. Unfortunately, her mother found it while cleaning one day and, after telling Ivy she was reading about the devil, threw the book out. Ivy was very depressed for the day, but when she went to sleep that night, the book was back under her pillow. It was like it had chosen her. Over the next few months, Ivy found herself studying the first book and others she managed to get her hands on, and started to discover her powers. She works best with nature and the elements, and can create a mean thunderstorm.
Appearance :
With short bright red hair and deep brown eyes, Ivy seems like just as much of a threat as she is. Her face is usually calm and she is usually composed, so it seems like there's nothing to be afraid of. Ivy is also very short at four feet, eleven inches, and so she doesn't send across a picture of someone to be afraid of in general.
Ivy Hudgens