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I live in Narnia. Go to school at Hogwarts. Attend Camp Half-Blood in the summer.
Personality :
Bridge is withdrawn. He avoids social contact at all costs. The one time he can be coaxed out of his shell is his new found passion, theatre. He takes it very seriously, even though he is still learning the ropes. Bridge is very intelligent, but chooses not to show it, ever. He will also go out of his way to make you avoid him, for fear of ridicule. He has a difficult time trusting anyone, a result of his poor childhood. He’s very loyal if you can get to know him, and will be very hard working and persistent. However, this is normally impossible for anyone to do, as he has mental barriers 50 feet tall.
History :
Nineteen years ago, the gregorian date April 19th marked the birth of a beautiful baby boy, christened Bridge Scott, son of Alexander and Grace Scott of Castleton, Wales. The same date, the first day of the Festival of Stars according to the Fair Folk, marked the birth of a fae boy, christened Elian. The Fair Folk were known throughout the area of Castleton to be tricksters, doubly so during the Festival of Stars. Alexander and his wife Grace, while not unsuperstitious, were confident that the Fair Folk, if they existed, would leave the couple and their young son alone. The Fair Folk were not so generous. In the middle of the night, while Alexander and Grace were sleeping, they switched the two infants, taking baby Bridge from his crib and leaving in his place baby Elian. The human baby was whisked off to the realm of the fae to be raised as a fae, leaving Elian to be raised human. And raised human he was. Elian--now known as Bridge--went to school like a normal human, played games with his friends like a normal human, did his homework like a normal human, but he was not a normal human. Most humans can’t turn themselves invisible. The ability first manifested itself when Bridge was five. He was with a group of his classmates, playing hide and seek. He’d climbed a tree, figuring no one would find him there. He wasn’t wrong. After several minutes of looking, his friends began to worry about where Bridge was, because no one was able to find him. He sat in the tree, giggling to himself. That is, until one of his friends looked directly at him, and still claimed to have seen nothing. Concerned, Bridge jumped from the tree branch, running up to his friend. He stood right next to his friend, who still made no acknowledgement that he knew Bridge was there. Scared, Bridge ran home, where he discovered his parents could not see him either. Concerned, Bridge’s parents told him to keep his ability a secret. They were concerned that the boy they’d been raising wasn’t really their son, and this new power of invisibility confirmed their fears. A couple of weeks of what Bridge had come to call the “Let’s get invisible” incident, his parents sat him down and explained his true heritage, how he was a member of the Fair Folk he’d heard of in story books, and how he’d been swapped with their true baby when they were both infants. The news devastated Bridge, despite reassurances that his ‘parents’ still loved him like their own son. Ashamed of who he was, Bridge began to fold in on himself, becoming anti-social and ignoring his friends more and more. Wanting to get their son out of his self-created fortress of solitude, they took him to auditions for a local play. Surprising himself, Bridge made the show, and found a new love: the performing arts. The more he auditioned, the more confident in himself Bridge became. No longer ashamed of his heritage, Bridge embraced his fae powers more and more, discovering a couple more in addition to the invisibility. The first was what his mother called a ‘green thumb.’ He had a knack for growing plants, more so than most people. He discovered this when he touched a wilting rose in a dressing room once, bringing the faded flower back to its previous vibrance. His last power to manifest thus far was an ability to generate multicolored sparks from his fingers. Bridge wasn’t entirely sure what to do with this power, but he found it entertaining. One afternoon, soon after Bridge had started high school, he was in his room, playing with this sparkly power, when one of the sparks caught on his curtains, catching them alight. The blaze, created by supernatural means, spread quickly, trapping Bridge in the burning room. The local fire department responded quickly, fortunately, and Bridge survived the inferno. He didn’t survive unscathed, though. He sustained burns to eighty percent of his body, horribly disfiguring him. He spent months recovering in the hospital, and he’d lost his ‘green thumb’ ability. Now, whenever he was around plants, they began to wilt. One of the nurses spent much much time with Bridge, eventually coaxing the cause of the fire from the burned boy. When he revealed his abilities, he saw her eyes flash golden. She told him of a place called Masquerade, somewhere where someone like him could be safe. After he was released from the hospital, arrangements were made to have him transferred to Masquerade. However, due to his new monstrous appearance, all confidence Bridge had gained was gone. He spent most of his time invisible, hiding his burns and scars from other students. He could no longer do theatre, the thing he loved most in the world. Not that that stopped him from haunting the theatre. But the drama teacher at Masquerade was not a stupid woman, and found Bridge out. She showed him the wonders of working stage crew, somewhere where he could still be involved, but never seen. Since then, Bridge has tried to establish himself as a pillar in the Masquerade drama department and gain back some of the confidence his accident took from him.
Appearance :
Bridge has short dirty blond hair that just kind of blows over to the right side of his face, the side that the mask covers. His eyes are a steely gray, framed by thick blond eyebrows. Bridge’s ears are pointed. He has the pale skin of fairies, it’s more of a ruddy color now due to his burns. Bridge likes to wear sleeveless button up shirts, board shorts, and flip-flops. His right arm is covered in flesh-colored gauze, to hide his burns from those who would ridicule him. His mask his a creamy white, an he speaks in a raspy voice due to his burned vocal cords. When he’s not wearing his mask and bandages, his blistered, burned skin can be visible.
Bridge Scott