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“Snot-nosed brat” might be an oversimplified term, but it describes Chance Dunway pretty accurately. He’s just as entitled as you’d expect a trust-fund baby to be, coupled with the mindset of an adrenaline addicted thrill seeker. This does not make for a boy who thinks things through before he does them. Chance is very act-first-think-never, and very rarely considers the ramifications of his actions. He is not afraid to stab people in the back to get what he wants, and as his past proves, his morals are less than admirable. The only time he mellows out is when he’s playing music. When he’s on the guitar, Chance becomes quiet and focused, and it’s almost impossible to bring him out of his revery. Not that one should try, because if they do, they risk his wrath, and that is not a pretty sight.
History :
Los Angeles trust-fund babies are a unique breed of people, and Chance Dunway Jr. was no acception. The only son of a successful advertising executive, Chance was never really in want for anything. Anything his heart desired, he could have. Chance’s parents, Kara and Chance Dunway Sr., found that money was the best babysitter for their son, and were never really there for their son. If anything, Chance was raised by his close friends while growing up, not really having a stern adult influence in his life. This led to a very loose set of morals, best exemplified by skipping school to jet off to Europe for the day. But for Chance, it was all empty thrills. There was hole inside him that nothing could fill. The guitar he’d bought himself at age 12 helped to ease the emptiness, but not even that could completely fill the void in his life. So he started to pull more and more dangerous stunts, becoming what his friends called an adrenaline junkie. Be it cliff diving in Mexico or urban parkour in France, there was nothing that Chance wasn’t willing to try to get his high. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise when he turned to a life of crime. It started off as a stupid idea, just something to talk about. Steal a painting, a portrait of a white wolf, from a gallery downtown. None of his friends thought he’d actually do it. And yet, a news report surfaced a couple of days later saying that a painting had disappeared from a downtown LA art gallery. When his friends asked if he’d stolen it, Chance didn’t say anything, instead only smiling. The painting had turned up in an alley a week later. Chance was only in it for the act of stealing. He didn’t want or need the paintings. They were only a means to an end for him. Chance began to steal more and more, becoming known as the “White Wolf” because of the snowy canid mask he wore over his face, a nod to the first painting he ever stole. His heists became more and more daring, until he decided to target the Louvre in Paris. Big mistake. Chance was caught, and of course, there was some trouble with the law. Trouble his father’s lawyers were able to get him out of, on the condition that he be moved to a facility where he could be watched at all times. A place like Masquerade, a performing arts school in the states. Chance would be placed there to study music, and the staff would be able to keep an eye on him. All he had to do was keep his head down, because imagine the ruckus it would cause if people found out that one of their classmates was an international art thief. So, Chance packed up his stuff, slung his guitar over his back, and headed off to another chapter in his life, wondering what adventures it would bring. After all, he was always seeking a new thrill.
Appearance :
If you asked Chance, he would describe himself as devilishly handsome. His short dark hair is almost always styled, and he has a soft, almost inviting face. His two most useful weapons are his grin and a wink from his blue-grey eyes. His clothing style reflects his lifestyle: expensive. Chance likes to wear the best from all the top labels, and he knows he looks good doing it. Most of the time his clothes show off his muscular frame, either hugging the curves of his muscles, or just outright exposing his sun-kissed skin.
Chance Dunway