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Las Vegas
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Reading, writing, demon hunter, acting, playing violin
Humor :
I have a sarcastic sense of humor.
Personality :
Alice Kirkland is a generally kind person, but can be rather irritable and stubborn. She is incredibly clever and rather creative. Alice is resourceful and slightly socially awkward because of her history.  Alice is fond of theatre and poetry.
History :
Alice was raised as a wealthy orphan in a large mansion with nobody but her servants. She managed to survive with their help and became good friends with them. This year, on her birthday, she got a surprise; she would be going to an acting academy. Alice was mildly surprised and happy, but because she had spent her entire life in her manor, she had become socially awkward, so to her, making friends was a whole new world.
Appearance :
Alice has long, straight blonde hair held in two pigtails and deep-set green eyes. She is five foot one and weighs 115 pounds. Alice normally wears preppy clothing, like a vest over a shirt and a skirt with a tie.
Alice Kirkland
Alice Kirkland