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Event Horizon
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Devil Defence
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none what so ever...
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Mephisto Bart Kucabara is naively super kind. He's gullible and always lending a million helping hands. Though he's here in the human world, stuck... he doesn't fret about nor cry about it. He's just happy that no one is hurt and that happy his brothers were just trying to help him get his fathers respect.
History :
The day Mephisto was born into the underworld, he had always been different. Especially from his three older brothers and his father; the king of the underworld and the king of all the shinigami's (death gods). While his siblings and father favor destruction and chaos, Mephisto leans towards a more peaceful and friendlier side, because of this, Mephisto was often bullied by other demons as a kid. When Mephisto turned 10, his father recognized the powerful energy his son had inherited from him and thus began to train him, for he will be the next king of the underworld. "Mephisto, you need to concentrate more!" The King roared. "Yes father!" Mephisto replied back to his father, who stood taller and bigger than most beasts and demons. As Mephisto's training continued over the years, he would often hide from his father and go off and play, or just ignore his father's orders. However, over those long years of training, Mephisto had gain incredible power and fighting abilities. When Mephisto finally turned 17, his three older brothers, feeling jealous that their youngest brother will be the next king, they plotted to remove him. They couldn't kill him, for he was too powerful, and eventually if they did succeed i killing him, he'd just regenerate and come back. So, they finally came up with a plan and decided to trick him into coming to the human world. They told him that if he can bring back a flower growing in the performing art school of Masquerade, then their father would stop training him. Mephisto, being so gullible and trusting of his older brothers, he did what they had asked and passed through the portal to the human world. However, when Mephisto was going to return, the portal had closed on him and would not open, until someone from his world decides to open it. So now, Mephisto is stuck in the human world, and has entered the mysterious Masquerade.
Appearance :
Mephisto has dark brown straight fuzzy hair that shoots in every direction. He wears a dark blue coat and a dark blue vest underneath. He has dark blue pants which compliments his black pointy steel toe boots. He has a pocket watch which tells the time of someone's death and the regular time.
Mephisto Bart Kucabara