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Allison is the stereotypical scatterbrained eccentric scientist. Often her experiments will not make any sense to the students at first. She might start talking to an inanimate object. Or even half way through a conversation, forget what she was talking about and might just walk away. She thinks that the students could learn a lot from her… assuming they can follow her thought process.
History :
Allison was born in Dublin, Ireland to two huge fans of rock and roll. They even named their kid after a rock star, Alice Cooper. She was never very popular at school, for three reasons. Number one her communication skills were pretty terrible, but what she lacked there she made up with math and science. She was very, very eccentric. Finally she had very little in common with her classmates, especially when the only real rock band at the time was Metallica. Eventually her classmates turned to bullying Allison. They called her names like witch and Satanist when they learned about the whole Stairway to Heaven backwards thing. For a very long time she would just respond by quoting a song, usually it was “Rock and Roll ain’t no noise pollution.” After having to deal with this for a long time, she decided to give them exactly what they were asking for. She and two of her friends searched high and low for anything on demons and whatnot. Eventually they found what they set out for and summoned one out of Hell. He did not do very much, no cursing, no wishes, nothing. He just thanked them for his release and left. Allison waited out the rest of her time at secondary school and then wanted to leave for America as soon as possible for University. She attended Stanford University in California. There she got her degree in physics and continued her education there to earn her doctorate. She tried to get a job teaching there as well, but the President told her that she was too eccentric and would jeopardize the school’s reputation. Outraged, she traveled to America’s other coast. She tried to get a job at Massachusetts Institution of Technology in Cambridge. However she got the same result as Sanford. Frustrated and out of ideas, an old acquaintance came to her, the demon. He told her that as long as she was fine with things like him there is an opening at a Preforming Arts School, and a crazy Physics Professor will be the least of their worries.
Appearance :
Allison is an average height Irish women. She even has the red hair and freckles. She hates wearing formal clothes though. She will be generally be wearing some graphic tee-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some pair of vibrantly colored converse.
Dr. Alison Cooper