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The Basics:
First or second character?:Second (Alice Kirkland)
Name:Olivia Kirkland


Birthday:April 27, 1999


The Other Stuff:
History:Olivia was born in an alternate universe as basically the reverse of Alice Kirkland. Like her counterpart, she was raised in a wealthy family. When she was five, she was trained to become an assassin and became good at it. On her fourteenth birthday, Olivia was having a good time-until a hole mysteriously appeared in the sky. Olivia was sucked up by it and sent to a strange land, where a girl that looked like her was tramping around angrily all the time. Being the assassin she is, Olivia has been tracking this strange girl ever since, considering it her mission to get rid of her.

Personality:Olivia is often described as the opposite of Alice Kirkland, which in a way makes sense as she's an otherworld version of her. She is seen as a cheerful, polite, coolheaded person who has gone wrong. Olivia is often smiling and seems to enjoy the idea of death and destruction. She is incredibly flirtatious, maybe even a little desperate. Olivia's likes and hobbies include cooking, assassination, and the color pink

Appearance:In the face, Olivia looks a lot like her counterpart. However, she has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes that, if you look close enough, have pink specks in them. She likes to wear her hair down with nothing but a simple hairclip in it. She is often seen in a pink pinafore with a belt holding a pistol she tends to carry around.

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