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-We currently allow two characters per person, but one of these has to be human. The reason? We want a fair balance of Human and Mythical creatures in the school.
-Do not hack or attempt to hack into any of the administrator's accounts. We will know if you have, and it will result in automatic deletion of your account.
-Text speak such as "omg" or "lol" is not permitted in role-play posts, because it distracts from the feel of the post, but it is acceptable in out of character posts. Shortening words such as using "u" for "you" or "r" for "are" is not tolerated in any posts.
-Don't argue with staff members when things don't go your way. They are simply doing their job, and they should not be attacked for it. Any Complaints about staff should be PMed to an Admin.
-As a whole, the site has a PG rating. Make sure that you stick closely to this, since we want the site to appeal to all ages. However, we do allow select role-play threads to be marked PG-13. We trust you to know what is PG-13 and what isn't. Any doubts can be PMed to a staff Member.
-No hacking, whether it is into someone's account, or into the forum itself. This should be pretty self-explanatory, and we take it very seriously.

Out of Character Conduct:
-All out of character posts should be at least five words, to avoid spam. Make sure that all your posts contribute to the conversation, as well.
-When in a role-play only forum, keep out of character comments to a minimum. Posting to say "I'll reply in a minute" is completely unnecessary, and most out of character posts in a role-play forum would be better suited for private message. If you absolutely have to say something, put it in double parenthesis, like ((this)).
-Under no circumstances should you attack or bully another member or staff member. This includes any kind of prejudice. Any instances of this should be reported immediately.
-Try not to hold grudges against people for things they have done in the past on this site or others.
-All out of character posts must stick to the site's PG rating.

-When registering please use the character Template to create your character. The template can be found in the creation station. It is there for a reason.
-Do not reference another character in your application unless you have permission from the person who plays that character. As a general rule, do not reference any canon characters in your application, even if you have permission from whoever plays that character.
-Please put down your character's birthday (just make it up so that they're the age you want them to be)

-Role-plays that are not clearly marked as PG-13 must stick to the PG rating. If you are unsure where your role-play would fall, contact a staff member or just mark it as PG-13 to be safe. If we see anything over the PG-13 rating we will delete it and issue you with a warning.
-All role-play posts must be at least five sentences and fifty words. This does not include quoting words written by others, such as repeating dialogue that has already been said in previous posts, or song lyrics.
-We have all levels of role-players on this site, so as a general rule, try to match the length of the person you're role-playing with. It can be very annoying to type up a lengthy post, and be given back a few lines.
-Do not take control of a character who isn't yours. This is called puppetmastering. It can be very frustrating to have your character controlled by someone else. It could be something as simple as saying "Barbie had been missing for days and Ken was worried about her." While it may be safe to assume that Ken would be worried if Barbie disappeared, don't make any assumptions about someone else's character.
-Give other people a chance to respond. This expecially applies during sword fights or duels in general. If your character is Joe, you cannot say "Joe struck his opponent on the head with his sword, and he fell to the floor, dead." Instead, say "Joe raised his sword and swung it towards his opponent's head." This gives the opponent the chance to say "The opponent blocked Joe's hit with his own sword."
-Don't make your character excessively powerful. You have to practice your powers to get stronger. using powers generally takes a toll on you, it affects your energy and things like that.
-Absolutely do not kill anyone else's character unless you have their permission.
-Try to make sure you use good spelling and grammar. We know that nobody's perfect, but do the best you can. Try typing your role-plays into Microsoft Word or a similar program to check your spelling.

I give a lot of credit to Half Blood Hill for these rules, as a lot are copied and/or edited from it.
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