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Meeting an immortal ((PM to join)) Empty Meeting an immortal ((PM to join))

Post  Derek Radke on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:59 pm

He couldn't stay away, as soon as he had found out that there was a track and field area he was there in a heart beat. He loved track, and he was a long distance runner back for his Highschool team. He wore a T-shirt that said 'LHS track a field' along iwth running shoes and a pair of basketball shorts that passed his knees. As Derek walked down to the track he smiled, he stretched out and started to do his old warm up. Two miles, than 8x1 striders. When he was done with that, he pulled out a binder. He had asked his coach what kind of work outs he should do to stay fit. He took track seriously, and took out his watch. The track was a quarter mile. Derek hit the start button on his watch, and took off.

He ran a ladder, he ran two hundred meters in twenty eight seconds (which wasn't that hard). Than after jogging a one hundred, than took off on a fifty eight four hundred, an eighty three six hundred, a two hundred and five second eight hundred (it was his event in track meets his PR was a 2:21) not the best but he had only just joined track a few months ago. After the eight hundred (with one hundred meter joggs in between the runs) he than did the eight hundred again, than the six hundred, followed by the four hundred and lastly the two hundred. When he was done, had downed a bottle of water, sweat ran down his face which he wiped off with his shirt. He locked his fingers and put them on his head, opening his lungs up. He took deep breaths in. After thirty seconds, he looked back at the book and his times. He had made or passed the times set of him.

Smiling at this, he started his mile cool down. Only this was supposed to be nice and easy just to get his heart beat down. He put two ear buds in, and started playing Heaven knows by rise against. He noticed during his work out, that there was no one there. No one likes the sport apparently, retarded. He circled the track four times until he had made a mile. Smiling he drank the rest of his water, and threw his I-pod back into his Track bag. "Tomorrow i'm going to use my spikes and see how good this track is, I need to get new spikes though. I wonder if there is a Nike around here." He chuckled knowing there wasn't. "Oh well." That was when he heard something behind him, spinning around he saw a tall, older boy with black hair. He was fairly tanned but you could tell he was mostly European (British perhaps) decent. Derek walked over, and held his hand out. "Hey there, glad to see someone else making use of the track."
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Meeting an immortal ((PM to join)) Empty Re: Meeting an immortal ((PM to join))

Post  Lucien Davis on Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:07 pm

Lucien got out of bed, feeling a lot stronger now than he had last night. He hadn't eaten in a week, and felt a lot better for it. It seemed that while he might be immortal, food was still very important. Still, that was fine with Lucien. He liked his food. Still, with the amount that he was no doubt going to start eating (the food here was actually nice!), he didn't want to get fat. Excercise was important, and he didn't have to go to any classes today. Today was about learning his way round the place, so he looked at the map he'd been given of Masquerade and saw that they had an Athletics track. Ah, a good run always helped. Flying probably would too, but he'd been told that he had to stay inconspicuous, because, believe it or not, there were also ordinary mortals at this school. Well, not exactly ordinary.... they were extremely gifted in the Arts, which is why they were at the school. But they were still humans, and so Lucien wasn't really allowed to fly. Which to him, sucked. He liked it, though he'd only really flown once.

He got a shower (the rooms had en suites!), and got dressed in some running clothes. Once he had some more money, he was going to get himself more clothes. He needed them, for sure. Unlike other people here, he hadn't had the luxury of been able to pack any to bring with him. He'd basically come here the day he had woken up from been dead... well, night. That's when they'd picked him up, anyways.

After he was dressed, he stretched before setting on his way to the Athletics department. After all, he didn't want to pull a muscle on the way there. Though... he doubted he would. He seemed to heal almost instantly, something he was very happy with. And even better, it didn't leave a scar! Lucien wasn't exactly vain, but he did care about his looks. The only scar he had was the one from the knife that had killed him, directly over his heart.

As he got there, he found someone else there. And again, he had the feeling that this person wasn't totally human. This time, though, a smell was part of the feeling. Had his senses really grown stronger as he had after eating? It seemed that while his body might be developed for been an immortal, his senses were still getting there.

The boy walked over to hi, holding out his hand.

"Hello there. Name's Lucien. You are?" He said. He took an obvious smell of the air, raised an eyebrow at the boy and commented, "Is it me, or is there a smell of dog around here?"

Lucien had been able to tell other supernatural entities apart from humans, as had Olivia and Ivy, so he guessed it was something that all non-humans shared. Which meant this boy would be able to tell that Lucien wasn't a human, too. If he was supernatural, that is.
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