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Post  Joanna Nash on Sun May 08, 2011 5:32 pm

Name: Joanna Nash
Age: 16 - October 17, 1995
Species: Weather Demon

History: Joanna was born on October 17, 1995. Chestnut eyes with chestnut curls, innocent, lightly dimpled smile, she was the child her parents hoped for. She grew up before their eyes, transforming into a flower of a youth. Around age 12, she started noticing things.
Sitting alone in her room was spring day, she gazed miserably outside the window. Rain thundered down, the ground growing slick and muddle, the world seeming too- unnaturally green. And she couldn't go outside to meet Lillian Crosby, her best friend, at the park.
' I wish it would stop raining, ' She thought to herself with a disgruntled expression. She closed her heavily lashed eyes and imagined the world without the rain. The flowers not drowning, the sun shining, a clear day.. fair breeze. The constant thrum of rain stopped abruptly and as she peeked open one curious eye, she could see it.

As if her imagination had taken control of the world, it had stopped raining. Her jaw dropped slightly, and her hand automatically went to touch her pendant.
Slightly, out of the corner of her dimpled mouth, a smile began to form.

Her newly discovered powers remained a secret, for about two weeks. Then, of course, she had to tell Lillian! She trusted her, she wouldn't tell anyone right?
Wrong. The next day Lillian appeared at her house and was talking with Beth, Jo's mum. As soon as Lillian met Jo's gaze, she raced out the back door. Angrily chasing after her "trustworthy" friend, she skidded to a stop as Beth caught her by the shoulder.
Her mother gave her a knowing look, mysterious and comforting, for the moment. The rest of the day, young Jo was confused and lost, and as she drifted off to sleep in her bed, she heard her parent's yelling down the hall.
She got out of her small bed and exited into the hall, to see her father slam the door behind him, leaving Joanna and Beth in a house so silent you could hear a pin drop.
A tearful Beth never told Joanna why that happened, but whatever this thing was inside of her, this power, she knew it caused it. And her mother knew what it was.

Over the next couple father-less years, Joanna grew up. Strong, sturdy, rebellious, horribly stubborn, she lived as normal a life she could have. Leaving her old friend Lillian behind, she tried to start anew. And as much as she pestered her mother for information, for something, she would never say anything. About the powers, about her dad.. Nothing.

As she grew older as well, Joanna developed a love for dancing. Ballet. Ever since she was a child, growing up with Lillian, she had loved ballet. The technique, the posture, the form. It was so beautiful, and so elegant.

Surprisingly, one day a letter arrived in the mail. An invitation to a school like no other. She accepted immediately, driven and willed to do her best.

Personality: Joanna Amelia Nash is spunky, among other words. She's strong willed and determined. Stubborn and hard-headed. She's the type of person who is both sensitive and tough. Willing to stand up for her beliefs, she'd do almost anything to be heard. Among men, she never seemed to take notice of what they thought of her, as she was seemingly so distracted with her own thoughts. Though possibly a romantic deep down in her heart, she hasn't had time to discover it. Caring, dependable, responsible, and brilliant. Intelligent, and she would always stand up for her friends, no matter what.

Appearence: Joanna has soft curly tendrils of chestnut hair that falls past her shoulder. Freckles spattering her nose, dimples at the corners of her mouth, she was somewhat cute. A straight nose and high cheek bones made her seem more older, but she has a playful look about her. She's slender, built like a dancer ( which just basically means, long legs, very thin and flat chested ). Her lips are a soft pink like color, and she has matching chestnut eyes to go with her hair. She dresses in whatever she feels like, which can be anything from black leggings with patterned shorts over them, to skinny jeans, to a long gypsy skirt. Her shirts include plain t-shirts, with sayings, phrases or just random word spatter. Her favorite is an old Storm ( as in the superhero ) t-shirt, ironically. She wears lots of different converse, moccasins, ballet-like shoes and Doc Martin boots. She always has one circuler pendant on on a silver chain. Normally with her iPod most of the time.

RP sample: Joanna in the back of the car, curling strands of hair around her painted red finger. She bit her lip, as if it would cease the nervous, unrestlessness growing in the pit of her stomach. Chestnut gaze peering out the window anxiously, they had arrived. Pulling in front of the dark, seeming-to-tower school, she took a deep breath. She chose this, she had to remember that.

Picking up her bright purple suitcase from the back of the taxi, she stepped out onto the gravel road, her boots crunching against the rocks. Gazing up at the building expectantly, she exclaimed in a soft voice, " So this is my new home. "
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Post  Lucien Davis on Mon May 09, 2011 1:54 pm

Hiyo Em! 8D

Charrie accepted - welcome to the site, and happy RPing!
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