Another human enters((Ari+open))

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Another human enters((Ari+open)) Empty Another human enters((Ari+open))

Post  Eva Cassidy on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:12 pm

Eva got out of the black car, a tinted window rolling down as she did so. The driver stuck his head out of his window looking at Eva, asking if she needed help getting her big, heavy suitcase out the boot. Eva nodded, “yes pleases sir.” So the man got out of the car and got the big,heavy suitcase out the boot. Eva glanced down at the number plate that read MASQ1 and smirked. The driver grinned at Eva, ruffled her brow silky hair and got back into his black car and drove of somewhere else,leaving the young girl to drag her big,heavy suitcase up to the big entrance of the big school.

At first sight it look like a castle made of big grey stone with big,beautiful ivy growing up on one wall. Down the sides of the clean,perfect driveway were so many lovely flowers of all types; roses and snowdrops,daffodils and lilies there was even some beautiful flowers Eva didn't recognise.

Now Eva was standing in the empty boring entrance hall with not even a one squeak and it was spooking her out, staring at the boring receptionists desk which was also overflowing with flowers,only these ones weren't so pretty; in fact they were dead. Eva whispered to herself, “ewwww! That's gross!” The stench of rotting flowers was a sickly sweet smell that overpowered the room,making Eva gag a little.

Eva turned in a circle slowly, looking for any signs of life,but there weren't any,so giving up on looking and deciding to sit and wait patiently,she walked slowly to the nearest chair. She was about sit down and relax when the sound of approaching feet made her jump and spin around fast to face the direction it was coming from.

((Please can Ari post first? And also this is before the strigoi announcement....))
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Another human enters((Ari+open)) Empty Re: Another human enters((Ari+open))

Post  Arriane Ravenwood on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:46 pm

Ari was on reception duty. Not for punishment, but merely because the person who was supposed to be on it today was sick and Ari had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and one of the teachers had snatched her up happily, dumping the few files on her with a grin before dashing off to wherever the teachers went in their spare time.

And so Ari was left with five files to read in the space of half an hour...which would be easy enough. And she was actually going to read them this time, after learning a lovely lesson with Lucien and Olivia and Ivy. So she pulled out the first file and started to read:

Name: Eva Cassidy
Age: 12
Status: Human (alive)
Specialises in: N/A

The list went on for a while, listing her likes and dislikes and her hobbies and enemies and past and personality. It was odd really, to have someone spying on someone to get to know all of these things about them... but then again this was Masquerade.

Ari finished the file and opened the next one, to find that they weren’t due for a good few hours yet, she would be able to read up on them after she had shown the new girl around.
So she flew down the corridors, teachers shouting after her (“No running in the Hallways, Miss Ravenwood!”) and reached the entrance hall in record time.

The girl, who looked like she had been about to sit down, jumped up and spun to face Ari. “Well...hi there! You must be Eva? I’m Ari! I’m here to show you around and make sure you know everything you need to know.” Ari stopped a few feet away from the girl, smiling (without showing teeth) like they were old friends.
It was a had to be nice to the humans. They were so cute and clueless.... For now anyways.

“So...where do you want to start?”

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